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  • Thanks for your reply on the your position about Islam thread, hope to hear from you again.
    The reason you have trouble reading the Koran is because its "style" can be described as "unfocused" and "random". The book is incredibly hard to read because of a lack of coherence not wisdom beyond what our minds can fathom. Muslims would like to pass of its incoherence as "otherworldly" but ultimately there's really no thesis to be found. It reads like a bunch of random statements strung together. I've posted many threads on this. I couldn't post in the thread I found your query because it's in the DIR forum and only respectful questions are allowed, no debating.
    It must be very difficult for you to manage your mental illness on top of trying to hold to a particular religion or faith.
    Why do you think you always go back? What calls you back to it? What makes you leave it in the first place?
    Weren't you identifying as catholic before? What inspired the change? I have a lot of respect for Unitarian Universalism.
    How do you feel about exploring the idea of God outside of Catholicism? Catholicism is only one religion out of many, maybe exploring some others will help you.
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