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Feb 22, 2018
Jun 22, 2013
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Freelance_Policeman was last seen:
Feb 22, 2018
    1. Shermana
      His Kingdom knows no land mass. His reign is over the Israelites, whether they are rebellious to his authority or not. The Revelation of John is not what I'm referring to, I'm talking about Jesus's message itself, but Revelation is an interesting topic. The point is, how strange that the Israelites get royally thrown out of the Kingdom, not like with Babylon for 70 years, but for 1900 years. What could possibly be such a gross crime they commit to get massively butchered and thrown out for such a long time? Hmmm....
    2. Shermana
      Let's discuss it. First off, we don't know if he was anointed or not. Also, where exactly does it say he will be anointed? Where does it say the "Anointed one" is even physically anointed in the first place? Also, please see my response to Dantech, the question of how exactly to intepret the Prophecies is much different than accepting the standard rabbinical idea of what they are, or what the prophecies are in the first place. Some prophecies may have been among the Essenes and Qumran sects that didn't make it to the final Tanakh. Some verses that they go by may not even by actual Messianic prophecies. In general, I believe the prophecy is not about a person doing them but the events transpiring ever since. Don't you find it odd that Jesus's apocalyptic message seems to happen right before the utter destruction of Jerusalem and the 1900 year exile of the Rabbinicists?
    3. Shermana
      If I may ask, what made you decide Yashua was not the Moshiach? Hopefully not strawman gentile theologies like the Trinity and Antinomianism. Did you read my response to Dantech on the Messianic Prophecy thread?
    4. Shermana
      Angels are called gods. The word "before" means "more important than", but Angels are nonetheless bowed down to ("Worshiped"). The commandment is to not have any gods of equal or greater importance who are worshiped and served as THE god or alongside in a similar manner. The context appears to be that the Celestial beings can be "worshiped" if they are in the Divine chain of command, otherwise we have some big time contradictions when the "Elohim" other than THE Elohim are bowed down to. There's a reason for the article in "The God". If anything, there is not a very clear line between Monolatry and Henotheism. Either way, the existence of other beings called "gods" (who are called "Angels" especially in the Greek) is well attested.
    5. InChrist
      Oh, I didn't it was...generally acknowledged that one should know someone before requesting friendship. How does one really know someone on a forum anyway???I'm fine, thanks for asking. How are you?
    6. InChrist
      Why not? God is love.
    7. ZooGirl02
      I believe the Holy Spirit drew me back. I believed deep in my heart that Catholicism is true and so I went back.
    8. ZooGirl02
      Yes, I am a Catholic again. I never leave Catholicism for long.
    9. Rakhel
      I was having a pirate sword fight with my then 2 year old. He had the mop and I had the broom.
      Half way through the battle I realized that he needed changed. The rest of the battle dealt with my cornering a giggling toddler as Pirate Mom(me) attempted to "swab" Captain Stinky's aft.(rear).
    10. Zardoz
      I'd not put outside links in open forum. There's a private Jewish forum, but not a MJ one (not enough members)

      However, you can make a social group and post such a list there! (it's not 'open' forum)

    11. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the lustie frubie!
    12. InChrist
      Thank you for the frubal, God bless.
    13. I.S.L.A.M617
    14. ChristineES
      I am a Messianic Jew in a way but I don't call myself that since I was raised agnostic. I knew nothing about religion, including Christianity, growing up. :) Maybe I will check out the MJ DIR. Tigger is the greatest because everything is what Tiggers do best. ;)
    15. Sha'irullah
      Why thank you my good sir for your splendid message of appreciation ;)
    16. SageTree
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Say more in a PM or here if you wish to. :)
    17. Rainbow Mage
      Rainbow Mage
      Ebionite really? So you reject Paul and the virgin birth, and eat vegetarian?
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