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  • There is an Eastern Orthodox Bible (http://www.orthodox-church.info/eob/index.asp) in the works. As of now, they have the New Testament done; you can actually get a really cool app for it that costs around 4 bucks.The Old Testament is in progress, and will probably come out in a few years. The EOB is focused on being a more scholarly version, making notes about concerns with translation options and things like that.
    I like the Yu Yu Hakushi avatar, do you know of Togashi's other series HunterXHunter?
    I just finished HunterxHunter... Its my new favorite anime (with Yu Yu Hakusho as a close 2nd of course).
    Interesting article, thanks for the share.

    Looks like Turkey might slide into a civil war
    Got a few days off so just starting my usual battles with the fundos and libs here. What's good with you?
    The Revoltingistanian position on the Hoke:
    We don't know what it is.
    But if it isn't nailed down....
    Busy bro, won't be posting on RF for a while. Won't change anything by arguing with people here.

    Hope you are well.
    Thank you for noticing that. :D

    She is a "Quincy" from the famous Manga "Bleach". Her name is Giselle Gewelle‎. I like her eyes and her character in general.

    Giselle Gewelle - Bleach Wiki - Your guide to the Bleach manga and anime series
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