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  • What do you make of this? Cause for concern?

    Syrian rebels capture sole border crossing between Israel and Syria in Golan Heights - The Washington Post
    Islamic State Expands: Up to 100,000 People Have Joined, Experts Say

    "And rather than curtail the ambitions of the radical group, American air strikes have instead helped recruitment efforts, said Hashimi. “Baghdadi carries now the flag of the Jihadi against the crusader.”
    Why Iran Fears Iraq

    ISIS is just the beginning. An independent Kurdistan would be a nightmare for Iran. Libyan Islamists are capturing more territory and Egypt is bombing them. I wonder if the Islamist Summer will spread into Egypt
    We win some and lose some, the Governator was born on my birthday ;)
    Looks like Libya has a good chance of becoming an Islamist state.

    Which country would you think is next? Jordan? Tunisia?
    What will happen now after this?

    Israeli boy killed in Palestinian mortar attack
    The documentary was pretty cool, I think the YPG is now on Assads side?

    Here's some good news: Yazidi 'King Peacock' Militia 'Kills 22 Isis Militants in Sinjar'
    i love your signature, unfortunately i need to spread more fruballs before i can pay you some for the sig, but still great lol
    I'll still be around lol.

    New estimates put ISIS at 80,000. This is on wiki and other news sites. Seems like fighters are flocking to them.
    Hey I'm going to stop posting regularly now for a year since school is starting again. If you need to reach me to discuss anything, PM away.

    I'll probably only be posting on topics regarding consciousness. Good luck.
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