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  • Thanx for the ungardening frubening.
    And for fourlbing the Epstein suicide watch.
    And for flurbling our bombing & corrupting other countries.
    And for the noble stripper fruber.
    And for froobing the automatic citizenship issue.
    And for the relentless demonization of the other tribe furball.
    Glad you chuckled at At Last, A Christian Comes Up With Some Good, Helpful Advice For Godly Women
    Thanx for the stern punishment for bad cops frubal.
    And for flurbing the echo chamberie list.
    And for the by any means necessary frubary.
    And for fruballing civil means of persuading enemies.
    And for the supportive froobal.
    And for the skwimmy hostility towards Christians frubal.
    And for phroobing the thread about Charlie Sheen.
    Thanks for the quiet christians frube on Good news for Anti-Theists:Bibles Threatened by US Trade War with China, Christian Publishers Warn
    Thanx for fruballing therapy for people afflicted with disorders.
    And for the coast to coast bike path flurble.
    And for fluorbing the differences between Dems & Pubs.
    And for froobing clean air.
    And for the unwatched debates furball.
    And for flubring forgiving & punishing.
    And for the body of Christ workout flurbal.
    Thanx for froobling avoiding Facebook.
    And for the good financial advice to students frubal.
    And for furballing those illiberal liberal vandals.
    And for the privately released tension furball.
    And for froulbing acknowledging miscommunication.
    And for the Godwin's Law in the OP frooble.
    Thanx for froobling advocating for the rights of others.
    And for the prudent & diplomatic skepticism frubism.
    And for furballing those annoying laugh tracks.
    And for the strange desire to criminalize the father in abortion cases furball.
    And for flurbing the link request.
    And for the multiple sources of terrorism frubism.
    Thanx for froobing the poster at war with himself.
    And for the careful Notre Dame repairs frubal.
    And for furballing the surprised chicken style of architecture.
    And for flurbitting taking "con" out of the title.
    And for the Moby Dick fuurble.
    And for fruballing knowing spelling but not gods.
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