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  • I got fed up of the drama on RF and I needed a break. I've been busy in the real world. I've been doing... okay, I guess. And you? :)
    Hiya. Thanks for your message, I miss this place. I can't really commit to it though, without looking like a troll! There's family stuff which has to take priority right now. Take care and keep Sids clean!
    I've just gotten bored with RF lately; I still check back every couple days, but I dont really have anything to say right now. Thanks for asking!
    I distractedly posted it on your visitor page when I meant to post it in your thread (some people were in the room, talking, and I was paying more attention to them, than to what I was doing). Here's what I posted.
    It's the internet what can you say? Lol. But the level of ignorance from that poster was incredible.
    After not talking for so long.... it seems like I have gotten a little wordy....

    So PM it'll be.

    In have been living at a Greek Orthodox monastery for the month. See my started thread 'my wife shared so e big news' in the seekers dir.....

    On my way back to PA to see slime family.
    Its one thirty in the morning in Pittsburgh at the be station....
    But will try to fill out some details with you and in the thread.

    Hope you did not worry about me brother.

    And hope you have been well in the meantime.

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