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  • Thank you for the like. I appreciate your thread about Christian Nationalism and have always considered it to be heresy and a huge distraction from Jesus and the gospel. Have a good day.
    Thanks for the dead again and again and again dad opti frube on If I had an near death experience and meet the Christian God.
    Cheers for the opti frube on Do you have any beliefs not based on evidence or rationality?
    Thanks for rating my post winner in the thread 'Another sexual assault charge related to religion. Surprised?'
    And for flurbing 2 more examples of wrongful sexual behavior.
    And for the requiring vaccination froobation.
    And for foolbring Trumpelforeskin.
    Thanks for the winner frube on Is Biden Partially Responsible For People Not Getting Vacinated?
    Thanx for the age of Adam upon his creation froobation.
    And for furballing my not moving to Nigeria.
    And for the birthday cake fruube.
    And for foolbring some good coming from the guilty verdict.
    And for the meritless MyPillow counter-suit furball.
    And for flurbing widespread lack of science understanding.
    Thanx for froobilling religious schools creating young atheists.
    And for the pursuit of peace with Iran phrubal.
    And for the unfaked Moon landing froobing.
    And for the testing positive for religion phlurbett.
    And for flurballing entertainment venues on Mars.
    And for the eyes & brains are weird frubil.
    Thanx for the worst Prez vs worst person to be Prez froobyl.
    And for foulbring my un-invitation to the inauguration.
    And for the Simpsons watching us phlurbe.
    And for foolbring OAN's unknown motive.
    And for the Trump readying to move out flurbit.
    And for phlurbling the stained glass ceiling.
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