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  • There’s a Theists Only subforum on this site that you can ask the staff to join if you would like. :)
    Well, I used to be a friendly atheist, so it is not new to me. But I draw a line at all claims and not just religious one about objective authority over humans.
    The Sum of Awe
    The Sum of Awe
    What do you mean? You draw the line at theism and atheism?
    No, at any claim of objective authority regardless of religion or not.
    Thanks for the "friendly" on Witchcraft. As someone said, to have a friend you have to be friendly :) Hope you have a great rest of your day!
    Thanks again ❤️
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    I try to be nice, But learn to separate the facts of this world and your faith.
    I can’t separate the facts of this world from my faith because the are completely intertwined and inseparable... from my perspective. Thanks for trying to be nice. I try not to take offense easily and understand others are free to disagree with me.
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    Thanx for the criterion for civilized vs barbarian froobian.
    And for furlbing "winner talk".
    And for the list of desired new tech tools phrubal.
    And for foolbring the illusion of civilization.
    And for the illiterate barbarians frube.
    And for phulbing our helping the Russians in WW2.
    And for the not losing Afghanistan frubistan.
    Hey, So my fiancé said I’m spending to much time goofing around on the internet lol. So I’ve got say goodbye. Wanted to thank you for your insight. It’s been great interacting with you on the forum. Have a blast for me.
    Thanx for the what I learned on OAN this morning froobing.
    And for the my property, my (reasonable) rules froobable.
    And for phurballing not murdering one's sister in any country.
    And for the larger issues of incelism frubism.
    And for furlbing the war's bipartisan bohica.
    And for the winning on all fronts frube.
    Thanx for the cops better at their job frubal.
    And for phlurbing everyone having bias.
    And for the best that humans can do regarding bias flurbit.
    And for furlbing seeing a lack of evidence for gods.
    And for the no argument frube.
    And for fuurbling ove-used DIRs.
    Thanx for the Dunning-Kruger fruber.
    And for phlurbing the jailer vs the escaped inmate.
    And for the OK floorble.
    And for foolbring having been called mental.
    And for the oppression is just another kind of freedom frooblet.
    And for phloorbring the Constitution.
    And for the voters & leaders pursue wars flurbit.
    Thanx for froobling my cromulence as a US taxpayer.
    And for the couple'o 1 thing to know about atheism froubisms.
    And for phlurbing my lack of proof about atheism.
    And for the ruined stereotype flurbe.
    And for foulbring disagreeing to agree.
    And for the right vs left vs Nazi froobi.
    Thanx for the birthday cake flurbe.
    And for checking diverse news sources frooble.
    And for phlurbing advisnig questioning.
    And for the being not even wrong flurbe.
    And for the civility froobity.
    And for furballing trusting or not trusting scholarship.
    And for the consistent leasing policy frubicy.
    And for foolbring noticing others.
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