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  • Yep, if you guessed Jainarayan you are right. Thor grabbed me in a headlock for some reason. : )
    I did! :D Is there a story or experience to tell or post to read that tells it?
    No problem it actually was a deep problem for me a while back but it seems we came to the same solution. Have you read Perennial Philosophy? Its a good book for everyone on the Religious spectrum from Atheist to Religious. Not trying to push you or anything I just am obsessed with it at the moment thanks to Philosophy class :D
    Cool. Its Great to see a Non-Orthodox person interested in Orthodoxy. Especially considering that many young Orthodox in North America are either converting to Protestant/Pentecostal Churches or leaving Religion altogether. Never thought that I would see a Person considering to convert to Orthodoxy.
    Anyway which Orthodox Monastry did you spent?
    I'm ambidextrous, technically. I am right handed in writing but I play sports left-handed. I know, it's weird :p
    Hello brother how are you doing?.. Here's is my number ..... we can text if you have a time.. it seems i'm not really have a time to go to this forum..

    May The creator bless you well :)
    I am 20, 21 in July. Unfortunately I am in college at the moment and stuck in my city while attending, so I'll probably go to the closest episcopal church to home anyway. It wouldn't be the first time a group of strangers turned into extended family :) Baptist was full of energy we're almost borderline pentecostal "Let the spirit take you" is kind of the unofficial slogan of the church. But I found it a little distracting with everyone raising their hand, jumping with the spirit and singing that I felt less like I was meditating on God and more like I was in a parade for Jesus if that makes
    Thanks for that, man. I'll have to have a look. :)
    Things are going pretty interesting with me. I'll have to catch you about sometime.
    Thank you I went away because I got fed up with the hypocrisy in my baptist church. One aspect I seldom speak on as well is that my church was mostly all black and gave me a sense of brotherhood not only in God but my community and honestly and not to offend but going to another church of mostly southern caucasians takes me far out of my comfort zone :( I hope I'm not coming off as racist
    Hello Brother, How are you now? busy working? ... not hear anything from you for a long time,i hope you doing well :)
    Hello Sage! Great to hear from you brother and thank you most kindly for the frubal! Sure, the pope is most definitely "dope". Couldn't have said it better myself :) I'm doing well. Busy as ever. I'm currently studying Plato's Republic as part of my Intellectual History course, in addition to multiculturalism and ethnographic approaches to law in the context of my legal studies. Its all highly thought-provoking but it also makes the brain heavy at the same time. Yourself?
    Where am I at? Geographically, I'm studying in Salzburg, Austria for the academic year. It's beautiful here, and I'm collecting new stories to tell all the time. It truly is a blessing to be here. :D Spiritually, I feel rather settled and at peace as an Orthodox Christian--though my prayer life could be a lot better, and I have yet to visit the local Romanian Orthodox church here in town for Liturgy. I'm still an inquirer, and won't enter the catechumenate at least until I get back to the States at the end of June.
    just feelen it. plus we need to catch up. umm ill text you in a bit phones dead and charging
    what are you making
    i dont have to make dinner today because i got a free pizza pie
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