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  • It has been ages and years since I've been on here but I'm back if anyone remembers me anymore haha
    How have you been doing? What do you make of all the changes around here? I'm not sure what I think of them yet. Some things seem better and some things seem worse. Have things been going well with you personally?
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    Any suggestions? I always appreciate your council
    Thank you for the kind words! Well, I would go for both in a way. I'd major in professional writing, minor in creative, if I could. But it has to be your choice. You're the one who will live with it.
    You're welcome :) That's what I'm being told to do. However I've had my heart set on minoring in Spanish for that bilingual bonus that seems to be in demand these days I believe.
    Parts of it yes, but more Huxley over all that that one. Glad you have a meaningful read.
    Huxley can be a heady read and takes time and many readings for sure.
    Tha nks for the tribal and kind words. Glad someone grasps the paradox of knowing all + free will = knowing the constant ends to the choices made.
    I'm glad to hear your back in school! Congratulations!

    Therapy and anti-depressants have been key to me. I used to have such huge depressions -- very crippling. I'm glad they're helping you.

    I'm also glad that you are pursuing your deeper interests when it comes to school.
    Thanks! I've been doing ok, except I'm sleeping too much. I tend to do that now and then, so it's not really alarming. How have you been?
    Well... it's more panenteistic. I think we have to hold two concepts very lightly: Jesus-as-historical-figure and Jesus-as-paradigm. I think historical Jesus was an itinerant, Jewish teacher. I think the more mythic Jesus we see in the gospels (and I'm developing this idea, so not fully formed yet) is more an avatar for humanity. Jesus as God Incarnate is a theological construction that helps us understand more fully how God is viewed as immanent as opposed to transcendent. Make sense?
    I see the world -- the cosmos -- as God's physical body. We are all made of the stuff of God.
    I think Buddy Christ is a funny parody of what Jesus has become to popular evangelicalism.
    For me the Trinity is a perfect example of God-expressed-in-community. Think of a town. The town is comprised of people who not only have individual identities but together comprise an identity known as "Mayberry." In this case, "Father" is an individual identity, but also shares an identity with others known as "God." Sheriff Taylor can act as "Mayberry" in an official capacity. So can the Father act as "God."
    I'm liking it so far, but I'm only on page 43. I assume you blow it right after that. Just teasing.
    Good point; but will we eventually see Noahidic, or Noahide-majority synagogues, or something similar? Hm... :D
    Yeah, that seems to be an issue with it. I wonder if, eventually, Noahidism will become its own religion.
    I wholly agree. :D
    Let me know how Noahidism works out, for you; have you considered combining Noahidism and another religion?
    I quite like the fact that it's pluralistic, and human shortcomings should be tolerated because humans as a whole are weak, too.

    Hm; I suppose I'm gonna be stuck as a DIY-er for the most part, short of some mystical experience that makes me abandon everything and follow a particular religion. :cover:
    Yeah, I wouldn't be the first; however, I don't know of any Voodoo groups, here. I wouldn't know where to even begin looking, either. Or how to even ask... :D

    The link of Tengriism you sent me seems be like an Indo-European religion, very similar, actually. One of the things that attract me to "Tengriism" is the fact that 'Tengri' seems to be everywhere. :D

    Tengri - Tangra - Tenger - Tanrı - Thin (Classical Chinese) - Tian (Modern) - Ten (Japanese) - Thiên (Vietnamese) - Cheon (Korean, they just had to be special snowflakes. :D)
    Hi. Raphael is part of the Book of Tobit, which is not in Protestant Bibles (it's in the Catholic and Orthodox Bibles, though). In that book, he heals Tobit, who is a righteous man, and binds a demon. At first he disguises himself as a man but than he reveals himself as an Archangel and says that he is one of the seven (meaning that there's seven Archangels).

    Only him, Michael and Gabriel are named in the Bible. But some traditions name the others as Uriel, Sealtiel, Jegudiel, Barachiel and Jerahmeel is sometimes mentioned as an 8th.

    Raphael (archangel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Book of Tobit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Archangel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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