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  • "Outta Time!! Just enough time for a quick `Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``M uah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Mua h!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah! '``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'``Muah!'"

    OK, Bye Birdy!!!!"
    Thank you! I'm a piece of work. But aren't we all? LOL You're pretty fascinating yourself!
    I'm working with a couple of ideas, and i'm almost done. I'm thinking about writing the same word, but in a different language, such as:

    správce, správca, administratè, stjórnandi, pentadbir etc...

    Uhm....looking at these again, this doesn't seem like the brilliant idea i first thought it to be. :D
    "Quamphmymph hymmph mumph stumph inmph umph sumph, Byrmphy!!!!"

    Hmmmmm, don't know why someone would post something like that in your vst mesgs, B, but if you thought that sounded anything like, "Quagmire has me stuffed in a sack, Birdy!!!" it's probably just the acoustics in here.
    Yeah, I hope I can fix it soon, too. But I'm kind of enjoying my time off from blogging.
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