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  • Thanks, Vi. I don't participate much or for long before the silliness of it becomes apparent again. I do miss the lively days when there was room for subtlety and nuance in RF discussions.
    Thankyou :D

    I'm glad to hear it, you deserve some happiness :)

    We do need a proper chat soon, but generally I don't stay on RF for any length of time. I tend to just pop on for a few minutes here and there to look around. It's probably easiest to talk over PM or as visitor messages as I'm constantly dashing about.
    Hi! Been a while since we've chatted.
    I'm very well thankyou, just handed in my dissertation yesterday and the feeling of relief is tremendous :D
    How are you?

    (I've got to head off to the doctor in a moment so if I don't reply for a bit it's not out of rudeness ;))
    Yay! I'm so happy you've been drawing! And a car too! That's excellent news. It seems to me very important that we somehow manage to do the things that are true to us -- and few things seem more true to you than creative things like music, drawing, poetry, and such. By the way, I consider you a remarkable poet, based on your posts on this Forum. They are so often a beautiful use of words!
    Hullo, lovely Vi! No worries at all, darlin. I understand, and I've been swamped with my new job myself. Things are going well around here. How are you?
    I've been doing great, Vi. I've recently started painting with acrylics -- which I all but never used before. I like playing around with them so much! Maybe in a few years, if I keep working with them, I'll get to where I can do stuff that I want to hang on my walls.

    How have you been? I still think your self-portraits are some of the best I've come across on the net.
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