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  • Sup blayzeh. I imagine we're both older and wiser these days. Was thinking of you just now so decided to stop by and say hi. Hope life is treating you right (who am I kidding, I hope YOU'RE treating LIFE right... got my eye on you lady ;).

    Wanna chat? The new chat room is here. But you have to clear the username and password fields before logging in. Leave them blank.
    Sorry to hear about your grandmother, Blaze.

    Your place sounds nice. I lived in a town of just over 1000 people for a few years so
    I understand the small-town appeal.

    Anyway, glad you're doing OK and it's good to see you around. :yes:
    Well, I tried taking a computer graphics class, a music class, and a PE class for the fall semester, but the graphics class was too time-consuming, and my music class was canceled so all I had was the PE class this time around. :p

    Going to give it another go this coming semester.

    Yup, you can sell my graphic novels out of your shop. Then when I'm famous, I can come and do a book signing. I figure it wouldn't take too long to sign 800 copies.:D
    800? That's pretty small alright. :p

    Congrats on the engagement and the new puppy. :)

    Nothing much new with me. Aside from babysitting this place, I've been working on trying to put together some graphic novels. I've got the scripts for like 7 or 8 full length books now but I'm lagging on the artwork. Also started taking classes at the local jr. college.
    I miss you too! :) I was just thinking about you, wondering what you were doing, and how you were doing?
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