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  • And here's a song to make you smile on your birthday: The Andy Griffith Show Theme vs. Beyonce - Single Ladies (In Mayberry) on Vimeo

    Thanks B, and don't worry about it: if someone forgets my birthday that means I get to stay the same age for another year. That's the rule. :D
    Oh I see how it is.

    You like Harriet's violin now. But when I didn't hear back from you for several weeks, I was forced to tell Harriet that certain people I admire and whose opinions I respect think her music sucks. The music she's dedicated her life to. That music.

    She's in a mental hospital these days, playing to her fellow inmates with her last shred of dignity. "Canyon Walls" sounds extraordinarily poignant bouncing off the walls of the asylum, as she tries to put her life back together.

    Not that you should feel guilty. I'm above suggesting anything as ridiculous as that. Not me. You won't hear a word about guilt from me. That's because I'm not a drama-queen -- unlike someone who would force me to tell a young, dedicated violinist that her music sucks.

    By the way, I hope your day is going well. I miss you.
    I have decided to become a famous painter. Famous for telling people that he's famous. I figure if I tell enough people that I'm a famous painter, it will sooner or later be true. And that's why I'm telling you that I'm a famous painter.
    "Hey Birdy!!!! I wrote you an Almost Birthday Song!!!!

    Here goez:

    Our little Birdy has a birthday comin' soon,

    So I'm gonna write her a special birthday tune,

    And when she sees it it's gonna make her swoon,

    And Quagmire smells like FEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEETT!!!"

    *sigh* apparently, for some reason all of Naykid's songs have to have at least one line about my feet now.

    "Yeah, for "some reason.""

    Shut up Naykid.
    "sure did. Hey Birdy!!!!! Here's a video from my rodeo days:"

    Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) - Parry Gripp - YouTube
    "Hey Birdy!! Wanna hear my song about Laundry Day (again)?

    what am I thinking, of course you do.

    Ok, here goes (sung to the tune of "Closing Time" by Semisonic, only with better lyrics):

    Laundry Day,
    Time to bring your close down to the laundry mat down the street
    Laundry Day,
    There's a Taco Bell there so that you can get something to eat,
    So grab your pajamas,
    The ones that look like Gramma's
    I hope there's a free machine,
    Laundry Day,
    Everything gets dirty and then everything washes clean

    Laundry Day,
    Quagmire's feet are smelly so you better use lots of bleach,
    Laundry Day,
    And shake all of the sand out from the time he passed out on the beach,

    Then I'll take his attire,
    And put it in the dryer,
    And then I'll jump in on top,

    Laundry Day,
    I just had a burrito so make sure that we have a mop,

    I know who I want to help me fold (Birdy)
    I know who I want to help me fold (Birdy)
    I know who I want to help me fold (Birdy)
    Help me foooolllllddddd . . . ."
    New? Well I tried coffee for the first time ever. :eek:

    Not much new besides that. I visited chat for once, and it was fun. Been really busy otherwise with all sorts of stuff.

    I'm glad you're done your coursework. What are you going to focus on next?
    Exactly! You really said it well in that post. Especially the line about it being a tough economy. Who the hell gets a job for wearing a T-shirt?
    Corporate nude Mondays? Reminds me of the business I ran for a few years back in Illinois. The nudity was necessary, you see. Humid summers, of course. We did it to save on air conditioning. No prurient interest at all.
    It's a beautiful day in Colorado. The sun is out. The butterflies are flitting. The birds are chirping. The dog turds are fresh and aromatic on the lawn. Ah, perfection!
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