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  • Sometimes, it's a good idea to recognize when the signs are aligning in a way that suggest you should just be done with something for good.
    Apparently during my hiatus my patience for gods naysayers has evaporated. Interesting.
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    Probably because I'm too busy working with the gods to care what the gods-blind think. The stuff I've seen...
    Thanx for the crackpot central froobral.
    And for phlurbing surviving the dram.
    And for the what happens in winter stays in winter fruber.
    And for the liberals drawn to the can opener too flurbe.
    I chose to follow you because I think you have been given a lot of wisdom and knowledge and I like your independent, neutrally minded attitude.
    Thanx for the ignorance of honesty or dishonest of prophets froobet.
    And for the easily defeated orcs froubyl.
    And for flurballing well treated pre-bacon.
    And for the Festivus pole observation tonite phroobil.
    And for phlurbling not calling anyone dishonest.
    And for the birthday cakie frubie.
    What a fantastic thread you started today. Thanks for doing it, I had a great time expanding my mind.
    I'm actually really surprised it became as interesting as it did. That's RF for you, I think!
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    I think it's these little hidden creavases, that go "between" topics that draw a lot of interest. It's not quite science, not quite religion, not quite phililosophy... It's the avant-garde... :)
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