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  1. stvdv

    Question: "Is Trump more Christlike or more the opposite (danger as President)"

    This thread is not political, but it's about Trump My question "Is Trump more Christlike (loving, honest etc) or more the opposite, kind of anti Christlike in your opinion?" Seems to be a kind of "Love" vs "Hate" situation What do you think? (I'll share my ideas on this in the next post) I...
  2. M

    My objections to the claim of God's perfection

    Christians claim that God is perfect. But, I have my personal reasons for thinking He's imperfect. I'll just share 3 reasons for now. My 1st reason is in regards to the 2 popular, Christian views of punishment, which are Annihilationism (the idea that God erases unsaved sinners from existence)...
  3. T

    Unity in Submission to God’s Counsels.

    That's it, to me, plain and simple it is a No. I see the peace and security of humanity is unattainable, unless and until Unity is firmly established and that unity is not possible while humanity as a majority do not follow the Counsels given by God. All faiths given of God, do have Counsels...
  4. dfnj

    GoJ versus GoL

    I believe that there are two fundamental archetypal forces at play in the world. The first one is the God of Judgment (GoJ). GoJ perceives everything in stark binary terms, such as "good" and "evil," "right" and "wrong," and "you are either with us" or "you are against us." This judgmental...
  5. ppp

    Sex and Religion

    As I mentioned recently, the only people I hear claiming that people routinely confuse sex and love are people who belong to religion with sanctions against sex outside of marriage.
  6. DharmaCatLamp

    A little something I wrote for the Divine Mother

    Howdy! I just felt like writing this out and figured I'd share it here. Hope you like it. The Tea Gathering I once awoke to find my room filled with so many of my great loves. Jesus sat beside Buddha who sat beside Nanak who sat beside Rumi who sat beside Eckhart who sat beside Zhuangzi who...
  7. T

    When Love is the Light

    There is no darkness. I say Love always wins in the end. No matter how much darkness may be imputed toward the light, it is not able to overcome the light. I see Faith is the light of this world, which is currently being imputed with darkness. Those that impute, are not able to overcome the...
  8. T

    None have Suffered More

    I see all the Messengers of God have had to suffer greatly. This OP is about all the Messengers and Prophets that have come from God. I see their suffering was for us and our neglect of their Messages brings great sadness upon all humanity. They accepted all that suffering, and still do, so we...
  9. T

    Why Are You Here?

    It is a question that has been asked of me, so I start with my answer. It could be put in many ways. I always consider the roots of faith. I see that the Prophets and Messengers are from God and are the source of Oneness, yet those Messages are also the sword that divides. Then I consider that...
  10. questfortruth

    Why are we always passing but never passed point of no return?

    Introduction to debate on the thread title:
  11. questfortruth

    Love expiration date

    What can I like about a person? Unlimited shelf life. Like table salt, it is endless. Penfriendships have an expiration date, which is three days or a week. Therefore, the expiration date of the interlocutor can be stretched if you do not correspond every day but write one letter a week. The...
  12. questfortruth

    What is indifference? Is it from God or satan?

    No third god. Love or hatred no third spirit. Spirit is God. Spirit of Love or spirit of hatred. Good or Evil -- no third god. Indifference is hatred. If I will be in danger, you will not save me, because I am nothing for you. It is hatred.
  13. T

    Shelter for all Mankind

    This is a new video about Abdul'baha. I hope the link works. https://www.ganbahai.org.il/shelter-for-all-mankind?wix-vod-video-id=1908f3532e194de0ac029deae1088b17&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-kzcxumjr If only we could be as Abdul'baha was! Regards Tony
  14. T


    This is a Pasaage from Baha'u'llah, it has the questions contained in the quote, and some answers given for consideration. The questions are addressed to each of us as individuals. Please feel free to provide your answer to them. I am happy to discuss your response, if you would like to. "Do ye...
  15. T

    Retributive Calamities

    This is a topic that many see as challenging. Yet I now see it is an intrinsic part of all God given Religions. It is about Justice for the actions we take as individuals and collectively as Nations. It seems to be about cause and effect, or neglect of the Cause becomes the calamities we face...
  16. Brickjectivity

    Hating yourself leads to hating others. Agree? Vote.

    I have not read books about it such as I'm Ok You're Ok. No, I have not read a lot. I think that its a general principle that if we hate ourselves we cannot help but start to feel miserable about other people. This manifests as various feelings, but its all related to that self hatred...
  17. T

    Happy Ridvan BE 179, first day, 6th epoch of formative age!

    That's it, may all have a Happy Ridvan. Regards Tony
  18. DharmaCatLamp

    So this might seem a bit weird but...

    Well I had the urge to say something and I've learned in my few decades on this planet that sometimes you just do what you are urged to do. I just wanted you guys all to know that I am sending love all your ways. Even the folks I don't really agree with and the folks I don't know. I've only...
  19. Brickjectivity

    Homosexuality does not signal end times or destruction

    I reply to a currently featured thread that Matthew 22:30 not related to homosexuality at all. Homosexuality is not a signal of end times, not in any context that I can find. Even if you believe Jesus as a man returns physically, like aa one single man and that the righteous are each...
  20. Truthseeker

    Bring Thyself to account

    I thought I would like to share quotes on bringing yourself to account, and my take on them. i am embarrassed to say that until now, haven't been bringing myself to account each day. I will start now. O Son of Being! Bring thyself to account each day ere thou art summoned to a reckoning; for...