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Love expiration date


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What can I like about a person? Unlimited shelf life. Like table salt, it is endless. Penfriendships have an expiration date, which is three days or a week. Therefore, the expiration date of the interlocutor can be stretched if you do not correspond every day but write one letter a week. The expiration date will extend for a month, and if you're lucky, then for two months. And if a miracle happens, then for life.

There was no such moment that God without Universe. Because the time started with Universe. Hence, no time to be bored. Bored God is dead God, because God cannot be bored. No time to die.

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Faith-confidence in what we hope for (Hebrews 11)
Speaking of endless love, etc., when a couple has had "enough," maybe due to fights, infidelity, and other forms of abuse, I doubt that's "unending love..." when they separate or hate one another. Because maybe they can't separate for various reasons. I could give other examples of non-endless love but that's a starter. :) I'm waiting for someone to tell me that they can still "love" one another but just can't get along and have to separate. Can't be close.