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Nov 27, 2017
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"We know gravity by happenstance.", Female

    1. CG Didymus
      CG Didymus
      By your recent posts I would never imagine you were ever outspoken or rude. Whatever you're dong in letting God's Holy Spirit shine through you is working.
      1. Hockeycowboy likes this.
      2. YoursTrue
        Thank you. I try. One time I went to court with a good friend but refused to go in the courtroom itself because I was afraid I'd explode at the judge. Things are a little better now, time and God's spirit has refined me a bit. :-) But not entirely. (Ask those that know me...well maybe some day. Hopefully. But thanks again.)
        May 7, 2020
        Hockeycowboy likes this.
    2. Alone
      Thanks for your comment those guys are just way too smart for me, I'm like a minnow in a shark tank in that forum him LOL!
      1. Hockeycowboy likes this.
      2. YoursTrue
        They can be smart, but remember the Devil is smart, too. Also, often I look things up on the internet or elsewhere and you can see opposing viewpoints that make sense. As I say from experience, only God himself can cause a person to believe in Him. First you must humble yourself and pray. Take care...
        Dec 4, 2019
        Hockeycowboy and Alone like this.
    3. dybmh
      Nice to see you again. :)
    4. Revoltingest
      Thanx for fruballing (an ancient RF term for a rating) the thing I wouldn't say.
      And for the pillow cure froobe.
      And for flurbing Olympic pillow fights.
    5. Hockeycowboy
      Thank you for the “like” ratings! I live in Alabama, USA
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    Born in Brooklyn, New York, traveled occasionallly and lived in various parts of the U.S. I find people interesting to say the least. I love God and appreciate what I have learned about Him because of my continued study with Jehovah's Witnesses.