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  1. Theodor

    Research on the relationship between Religion & Economy

    Hello dear friends! I'm a student from Belarus and I'm doing a research about the relationship between religion and economy. Can you please help me and answer 4 small questions in a google form? All answers are anonymous. https://forms.gle/PQX1XN4LFDFTWRDN6
  2. ronki23

    Is this true?

    I thought Hitler had support of the Catholic Church? Was Hitler atheist or Christian? What type of Christian was Hitler?
  3. L

    Rorate Caeli

    Discovered this song a while back with a Tweet which said it was good for listening to while reading Exodus, I agree. In fact it is good for Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Kings and Chronicles, Jeremiah, Lamentations, most of the other Prophets, Ecclesiastes, and many other sections of the...
  4. ronki23

    The Paganisation of Christianity

    So I have heard that at least 3 Christian festivals have roots in paganism: Halloween Christmas Easter Are there any others ? Due to this are some denominations of Christianity more authentic than others?
  5. Brickjectivity

    Q for liturgical members and clerics from a debutante.

    It is I, the most important person in the world, condescending to ask you how I can thin the protestant-catholic wall. What's it going to take to bring everyone together? And remember I'm very, very important; so try not to anger me. I don't want to hear excuses or that my question is stupid...
  6. Bethel

    Man : Tri-Part

    - Here is the basic Christian Teaching on : Tripart Genesis said that man "1st Adam" was made in "Our image". "Our image" : = "God the Father, Christ the Pre-incarnate Word, and The Holy Spirit. 1.) God the Father 2.) God the Word (Jesus pre-incarnate) 3.) God the Holy Spirit. "3'. =...
  7. T

    Question to Catholics: Is Adolf Hitler a Christian?

    Recently I ran into a statement insinuating that Adolf Hitler was a Christian... quoted by my discussion partner. As a Catholic, do you see him as a Christian? Here on RF, one of your brothers once said, the Catholic Church was blameless. Before you say it's obvious that he wasn't a...
  8. Karolina

    Seeking a spiritual mentor

    So... I am a recovering Catholic. Lifetime seeker. Several times I've seriously considered converting to one religion or another, ultimately always returning to the faith tradition of my upbringing. Last year, totally unexpectedly, I woke up one day and started to doubt again. I started to...
  9. MelissaBolton

    The Direct Descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene DNA confirmed, comes forward!

    Hi, My Husband is the DNA confirmed Direct Descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the Heir to the Scottish Throne. This did take some time for my Husband to get his head around. He was unaware. Absolutely no Idea. Our story is quite unique and very interesting. We are getting a heap...
  10. L

    Can Catholics receive Mormon Eucharist?

    First off, I am not confident in my knowledge of Mormons receiving communion or much of anything to do with mormonism so please inform me. My friend (Mormon) and I(catholic) want to go to each other's church's to experience different types of religion. We have talked for hours at the differences...
  11. L

    Can Catholics receive Mormon Eucharist?

    First off, I am not confident in my knowledge of Mormons receiving communion so please inform me. My friend (Mormon) and I(catholic) want to go to each other's church's to experience different types of religion. We have talked for hours at the differences between each other's and we both are...
  12. J

    What is the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism?

    Hello, I am curious about the major differences between Catholic and Protestant churches. What did protestant reformers like Martin Luther find wrong about the Roman Catholic Church? How are they different in beliefs? Do they believe in the same Bible? Why do Catholic churches honor Mary while...
  13. arthurchappell

    ex-catholic, ex-cult member

    New here, and though an Atheist since the mid 80's, I was brought up as a Catholic, became an unbeliever in my teens, only to then get seduced into a cult called Divine Light Mission, which I broke free from in 1985, becoming a secular Humanist.
  14. K

    Why I could personally never chose to be Catholic

    Reasons why I could personally never chose to be Catholic: Baptist prospective 1st of all, comparing spiritual things with spiritual, I feel that as old as the Roman Catholic Church is; it still has not worked out it's kinks. - 1 Corinthians 2:13 (KJV Bible) I feel like if I'm going to partake...
  15. Ria815303

    How much does religion impact day-to-day life?

    Hey all, I am doing a project for my cultural anthropology class about the impact religion has on day to day life. I believe that religion has a significant impact on every aspect of life. To prove my theory, I am conducting a survey to see how much a persons religion impacts their general life...
  16. watrewks

    Is Sola Scriptura Unbiblical?

    If any sort of theological position is to be proven using the Bible, then it must follow that the Bible has to teach that only the Bible is the source of theological truth. What would you say if someone said that Sola Scriptura is unbiblical?
  17. Z

    Does my religion count as Theistic Satanism or is it more general Syncretic?

    Hi everyone! I'm Christened as a Catholic, I believe in God and the Holy Trinity, many of my views match that of the Catholic Church, but there are some differences, for example the degree in which I interpret the Bible literally is more strict. But, while I believe in the worldview laid down...
  18. R

    Woman - The Chosen One

    We all have read the bible about the Garden of Eden. We all have questions about many of the stories in the bible. The story about the Garden of Eden was not written in the bible completely from the story that was found. Some will say because men were the ones who chose the stories of the...
  19. TDselector

    Is God an Alternative Fact?

    The Final Selection Thought Experiment enables everyone to prove to themselves if God is an alternative fact or not. If there is a God that governs our existence as believed, then the two acts of selection (direct and indirect selection) cannot govern our existence which means that everyone can...
  20. Naganami

    Did Jesus Christ ever exist?

    I honestly don't know and there are so many sources/people saying different things. Is there any archaeological evidence that Jesus the Christ existed? I just want to settle this once and for all.