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  • Lifetime seeker, learning to embrace my Catholic roots while maintaining freedom of thought.
    Lifetime seeker, current Quaker attender, also worshiping with Catholics. Learning to adhere to the still, small voice of God...
    Lifetime seeker worshiping w/ Catholics trying to make peace w/ my disagreements w/o letting conservatives kick me out. It's my church, too.
    Thanks! What did I write? lol. I looked in my book for spelling but I guess I didn't think about singular/plural distinctions. My bad :)
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    You wrote mitzvots hehe. No worries. The -t or -s ending for words like mitzvos, mitzvot, chassidus, chassidut, brachos, brachot etc. are both acceptable. It's also in the middle of words, e.g, hisbodedus or hitbodedut.

    Also, please note, I'm not a Hebrew speaker; I just pick this up along the way.
    Hi, I don't mean to be a pain but the plural for mitzvah is either mitzvot or mitzvos. You'll find the first used in Sefaradic and Standard Israeli speech and the second in Ashkenazi speech :) Just trying to help lol.
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