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  • Hey Noaidi! I'd love to hear about your visits to Iceland. Not sure exactly when I'm going to execute my plans to visit Iceland, but its brewing.
    No problem. Good luck. I believe it is notoriously difficult to stop, but not impossible.

    I have an uncle who had it pretty bad in the 70's and 80's at a time when it was not recognised as an illness. He met a woman, which drove him to change his ways.

    it was hard work for him, but he went from not being able to touch anything, to settling down and having a family.
    Well, as I see it some would regard pantheism as atheistic because God is not an individual, sentient being. It is just reality/natural universe. I guess while thinking EVERYTHING is God is the complete opposite of thinking NOTHING is God, they are essentially same in their views towards nature and it's sacredness. Simply, it comes down to whether you're a theist or atheist. But then what if you're agnostic? :D

    Although I see myself as a pantheist, I would say my views are probably identical to yours :)

    Edit: BTW, this is somewhat unrelated, but do you believe in magic(k)?
    Hello Noaidi,
    I have a quick question for you- Is atheistic paganism essentially the same thing as pantheism?
    Thank you Noaidi. I really do miss having a dog about the house. When me and my fiance get our own place I'll be hassling her about getting a dog. I expect she'll give in quickly enough because she misses her dog as well.
    Yes, thank you so much! Haven't read it yet, but will sometime this week (haven't even had proper time for RF...sad face)..
    really appreciate it mate!
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