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  • I think the thead context is impotant like you said.…plus I like being an *** kisser. Lol it takes a dumb ignorant creatonist to get me to say something even remotely rude. Ohh man I have never sneezed this much in my life wtf is wrong with me. Wow off topic
    I do not disagee I just do not want to see you get in touble xp cause I like you and your posts
    How are you cable?

    I still don't understand what you meant by me saying the Islamic testimony of faith and you asking/saying if I'm joking or something like that.

    Sorry I don't remember the thread, but I remember you said something about that.
    Thanx for the Murphie frubie. Too bad he dun got hisself banned. I knowed'm fer many years.
    Even though Murph (aka Biblestudent) & I are at opposite ends of the faith spectrum, he & I
    together battled (on a lesser & defunct forum) a group of love-to-get-other-posters-banned
    fuming fundies we knew as "Cerberus"
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