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  • That's the way I understand it, too: metaphor, probably a Christian creation to convert the Heathen masses to their path in past, then they could say something like "See, your gods will die, but ours will last forever".

    Ragnarök is probably one of the few stories of Norse Heathenry I'm not keen on; I guess I like my eternal life idea too much; I'd rather stay dead or stay 'alive' (for lack of a better term, lol), I guess. :D
    Hey Klaufi, is it true that the Anglo-Saxon Heathens do not have a Ragnarök story?
    Great! Glad it arrived. I was getting worried that it had got lost in the post.
    Enjoy it, my friend!
    Thanks for the frubal. Google 'natural burial' or 'green burial' for more info. There are woodland areas of the UK dedicated to these type of burials. The more people buried there, the larger the forest grows because of the tree planting over the coffins. What better way to be remembered than being part of a forest!
    Good pic of you in the kilt, Klaufi. Definitely need a sporran, though. They can be expensive, but if you go for a basic one (i.e. no fur or ornaments), it can work out quite cheap.
    Haha! I just saw your frubal from the moral question thread. My own comment amuses me. I was feeling so snarky that night.
    Is there much difference between the Anglo-Saxon pantheon and that of the Ásatrú pantheon? I see Woden and Odin as the same, or am I missing something?
    Hey Klaufi, do you mind if I ask a question?
    What is Fyrnsidu? How is it different from Ásatrú?
    Your an Asatruar and you seem like a bit of a smart one, could you contribute to my thread about worship in Asatru? So far I've only had this neo-pagan girl.
    I've been to Iceland a few times, where Asatru is gaining strength. Have you been to any areas where the Nordic gods are strong? I'm an atheist, but am very interested in nature-based deities and how people translate that into their lives.
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