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  • Hi! I was wondering your view on this:
    How do you believe the earth was created?
    Do you believe there is a God?
    Why do bad things happen to good people?
    What happens to humans after they die?
    How do we know right from wrong?
    How are you doing my friend? Haven't seen much in the way of posts by you lately.
    I kicked a little butt on the "should we hate homosexuals thread". Don't go there tho as it's not good for you to see even more negativity.
    I'm most upset with the murders in Paris by muzzie extremists. Some say only 10% of muzzie are extremists.
    There are 1.6 BILLION muzzie = 1,600,000 muzzie that want you and me dead.
    lock ' load.
    thankya, thankya, but did you really, really, really like it ?!?!?!
    You are "The sumptin else"
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    Reactions: Storm
    I kinda get the feeling that's the problem. I mean, it's theirs, but still.
    Seriously, I hope you are well. An original RF member from the old VB style to this new, and in my opinion, horrid style. Maybe I need to get with it. Either way, hello Storm. I've always liked that name. And I do need to put the whiskey down. Regardless, from a non-spiritualist to my favorite spiritualist, a simple hello.
    OK, now I'm seriously flattered.

    I don't plan on staying longer than it takes to find alternative means of staying in touch with some of the old timers, though. Shoot me a pm?
    I like male nipples as well. Because mine are male. If they suddenly started lactating I might get worried. What's a male to do with lactating nipples without a babe around? Are you a babe? I'm not a babe? Last I heard Babe was pig in a movie. I won't submit my nipples to a pig from a movie. Help me save my lactating male nipples from a CGI pig! I'll put the whiskey down.
    People don't generally like change, it scares them. So anything that might cause change, even if for the better, they fight, tooth and nail, out of fear. Nevermind the fear caused by their unwillingness to see things in a different light, or show the least bit of empathy. Their mantra seems to be "if it's not happening to me, I don't really care". This is a sad state, where money and business are more important than the wellbeing of a human being.
    I try to write it off as a cultural difference. Latin America is a pretty Catholic place. There are some really backwards attitudes about women, but it comforts me to know most women there have them as well. It's a terrible place to be if you're young, pregnant and scared I imagine.
    Just want to check in and make sure you're doing OK after putting your story out there and, well, you know! I had that guy on ignore for about six months because I find this sort of thing so outrageous, and it puts me off my equilibrium. Just saying. I'm there for you, but wondering if we should both check out of that conversation.
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