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  • Well, I hope it gets easier for you. Texas was NOT good to us very many times during the month we spent there driving across, house sitting and visiting.
    Balance is good I guess then. Way to see the positive. Is that where they live or where you're from or both?
    HEY! you're in Texas now. When did that happen?

    Just noticed it, maybe I've said it before... but your birth day, assume not year, is my Wife's birthday too. Her name is Autumn :D

    Hope you're finding Texas well.
    Better than I did. :/
    Belated thanks, goodness, several years ago, for welcoming me back!-Ron Price, Tasmania
    Yea :(

    I should be more clear in the thread I started about my travels where I'm passing through on my way.

    Portland was great and the rest of the coast was AMAZING as well.
    Really threw me back to living in British Columbia.

    I attended a Quaker meeting out in the SW part of town. Really good experience.
    I'm trying to attend groups/worship that is within a walking distance of my home.
    In Seattle it'll be a Sakya sect of Vajyrayana about a 10 min. walk away :D

    There is also a Sufi group in town close by.

    House sitting in Seattle right now until the 25th, and we just found out we'll be sitting in Northern New Mexico for all of February!!! Woop! Woop!!!

    Be well :D And sorry I missed ya'.
    Crazy, just noticed some funny stuff :D Your birth date is the same as my Wife's at least in day and month, also... I just spent nearly half a month in Portland. Man! Nice town you have there :)
    Housework is much better than exams waiting for you, believe me! :D
    I hate exams and their stress...and thank God these are my last exams of my last year in college. :) Wish me good luck!
    Thanks Storm for the furbal...In fact I've to thank you too for reading the post, unfortunately there are some muslims who don't understand verses of Qur'an properly, they take some verses out of context and start interpreting them the way they desire!
    The one in that thead about what we think of Islam. You posted that we do not mind women dressing modest, we mind them being forced to dress modest. Definatelty worthy of a furbal :).
    Can we talk somewhere? Give me 10 minutes....chat? I'm worried about you and I want to chat with you. :(
    Many UU's are too white, upper-middle-class and afraid of the word 'God' to deal with this poor Filipina transsexual theist. :p At least in Canada. I've heard UUism is much more diverse in the States!
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