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  • Hi, thats great, im sure you'll enjoy it a lot. Its christianity stripped right back without all the church dogma and tradition and it just looks at Jesus, how he lived, what he did and what he taught the jews in his day.

    studies in the scriptures is interesting too, but it is not the books we use today as a basis for our teachings because some of what is written in there came to be understood as wrong and the teachings have since been updated.
    Thanks for being a Friend. It's always great to talk with you about matters of the heart.
    Youre absolutely beautiful, GP! i admit, i often wonder what ppl look like. message me if youre on facebook
    Yeah, metaphorically helps. :D The vicar is a great guy and everything, but one problem... theologically, we don't see eye to eye. He's too protestant. D: He's a bit, well, paranoid about some things, as well. He wanted someone to talk to and reassure him about running MMA and yoga classes, concerned that they might lead way to 'wrong thinking'. That annoyed me. xD I preferred my old vicar more; he was good, a bit more mystical. :3

    I'd love to go to the Anglican high mass. I went to one once and loved it! I think wifey prefers it a bit more modern and contemporary, though, but I love the pomp and glamour.

    The book is good, it's like Spong but less offensive, yeah. :D I'm a bit meh with Spong sometimes. Love some of the things he says, but I feel he turns it a bit, well... dry. And a bit too Protestant-based. It seems to lack the mysticism. :(
    Skipped church. It's just so... PROTESTANT I get bored of it. >_>
    Besides, I'm going for a meal with him tomorrow.

    Going for a meal with the vicar and his wife. That seems so... odd. Nice guy though.

    And I'm not a Trini so it's kinda annoying for me.
    Still, I feel more welcome than in the mandir and gurdwārā, which is depressing.
    Despite it being so Protestant, I know the language and themes and so on so it's okay. :3

    The book by Keith Ward is pretty cool. He gives some different views on various things. It shows how Christianity can be more theologically diverse and modern than we think. :D

    What's the book by Filmore like?
    Reading lots of books as well. :D

    Did you ever read Keith Ward's "Introduction to Christianity"? Pretty good book. :)

    Also got to read:

    Lionel Blue - The Godseeker's Guide
    Mitch Albom - Have a Little Faith

    The local vicar has given me a book from a class to read, "Freedom in Christ". I was supposed to go yesterday (and the week before) but I just cannot be bothered. >_> He always puts things at like, 3pm and 6pm and stuff, so I don't feel up for it by then. :D
    A blizzard here in Saint John.... hope it's warmer where you are....
    Heck.... I know it's warmer :p


    My love for that coast is as green as it's hills.
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