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  • A) You smell like boogers

    B) I recently re-watched Avatar and Neywutsherface wasn't as hawt as I remembered :(
    Wherehave you been and why haven't I seen you lately and LOL DS's avatar (which shows up in the friends list over there --->) is hilariously phallic
    hehehe, Glad I have inspired you ! I have always loved 'They might be Giants' and I find many of their songs quotable for some reason :D
    You just logged off the chat when I was going to link this: Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, and Singular Number - YouTube
    Never nothing... I argue that consciousness created and is thus the "SIN" of things... for something could only be something if it was conscious of what it is, thus separating itself from that which it is not or the void - the nothing
    Oh Meow Mix, How I missed you! PolyHedral, I do love your insight... give me more! Really, what you said made me think on it more which is what I wish to do. If there is a hole in my argument given I should like to plug it (given that ancient philosophical arguments will come into light and thus argued again). A sound answer is most wise and I look forward to it.... :) Namaste!
    Poly, do you believe that if all logical possibilities are actualized somewhere, that it's logical for different dimensions to interact with one another?

    Because if your ontology is correct and they CAN interact with one another on top of that, then shouldn't there be a machine which is geared towards observing us for a signal that we can provide it such that it responds in an observable way (since, ostensibly, such a machine is logically possible given the premises and all logically possible things are actualized given the premises)?

    i.e., shouldn't there be a machine geared towards looking at me for raising my hand such that it interacts with my part of the universe in an observable way (e.g., rearranges atoms on my desk to become a pink bust of Micky Mouse)? the fact that I can't interact with ostensibly possible extra-dimensional machines must mean that either not all logical possibilities are actualized or that interaction between dimensions is limited, no?
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