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Lady B
Last Activity:
Jan 30, 2014
Sep 5, 2012
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Lady B

noob, from USA

Lady B was last seen:
Jan 30, 2014
    1. uberrobonomicon4000
      Sup Lady! Just wanted to say hi. =D
    2. uberrobonomicon4000
      Not an insult. I don't believe in insulting people(That is, if i can't do it in person).

      Can we start over and just be [email protected]# I like your hair. =D
    3. Lady B
      Lady B
      This wasn't my debate, I just get my dander up when people attribute evil to religion without just cause......
    4. uberrobonomicon4000
      lol you know you get all of your religious debate topics from the Sunday cartoons. =p
      I'm joking or am I? 0o
    5. Philda Tressie
      Philda Tressie
      So articulate, so true. Thanks, Lady B.
      Ps:Is a Calvinist a Christian Denomination (John Calvin), like calling members of the Methodist Church Wesleyans, meaning denominational doctrine according to John Wesley?
    6. uberrobonomicon4000
      What is a Calvinist? Is that someone that follows the Sunday cartoons?
    7. uberrobonomicon4000
      Thanks for being so kind noob.
    8. Revoltingest
      Thanx for the frubie which reeks of beer!
    9. savagewind
      Thank you Lady B. You are sweet and kind for real!
    10. Infinitum
      Thanks for the frubal. :D
    11. ratikala
      dear lady b ,

      thanks for the frubal
      namaskars ratikala :namaste
    12. PolyHedral
      And another song that reminds me of here sometimes.
      The Bells Are Ringing - They Might Be Giants - YouTube
    13. FearGod
      Thank you for frubal. :)
    14. PolyHedral
      Oh great. Now I've read your signature, I'll be reminded of you whenever I hear,
      A woman came up to me and said,
      "I'd like to change your mind,
      with wrong ideas that will appeal to you,
      though I am not unkind."

      (And I'm having a wonderful time whistling in the dark...)
    15. Lady B
      Lady B
      I am sorry I shut down my thread, My daughter was getting private messages from people I don't even know and as she is 14,I think this is innapropriate, However the one gal did ask my permission and I thank her for that. I will try to make a new thread with an update If I can figure out where to post it :D
    16. Zoe Doidge
      Zoe Doidge
      I'm also wondering what's happened to your thread, says I don't have permission when I try to access it. I hope it's not gone, I imagine I'm not alone in following it with great interest!
    17. FearGod
      Hi Lady B,

      What's wrong with your thread,why have been deleted. :shrug:
    18. Me Myself
      Me Myself
      Yeah, as I tell you hinduism DIR is generally really flexible on that :)

      and it´s cool, I do so cause I expect others to return the favor when needed :D
    19. Me Myself
      Me Myself
      Heh, relax you should see what I posted in the Islam Dir when I still didnt get it xD.

      You can check forum rules to better understand thedos and donts in DIRs. Hinduism DIR tends to be a bit lax, but it is important to know the rules so we know how much we are flexing them , so I still told you :D
    20. Me Myself
      Me Myself
      hi B, just letting you know:

      you made a recent post in a place of the forum called "DIR" (they are marked by that turquoise color.) In this places, you cannot add statements of your faith unless you are of the faith of the dir, in this case you talked on an hinduist DIR. This are not places for debate and people of other faiths are only allowed to do respectful questions generally.

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    a man came up to me and said
    "I'd like to change your mind
    By hitting it with a rock," he said,
    "Though I am not unkind."
    They might be Giants