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  • I nominate Gjallarhorn for a Shield of Creativity. His posts consistently provide both questions and insight into threads of any topic. I've seen his short, witty, succinct posts turn peoples' paradigms upside-down (whether they knew it or not).
    Thanks for the frubies and I know. We, as humans, are supposed to be above the "I'm better than you are." it's a hard lesson to learn for those that have been fed this lie.
    Hey Storm, I haven't forgotten to reply to your thread in the Islam DIR. We had a very busy weekend and I want to answer with some thought. I'm hoping very soon...
    Want you to know I'm sorry for the chat last night, whether you accept the apology or not, I really am sorry, not sorry just to be forgiven but because I want you to know I don't really think you are at all a hypocrite. I love you and love you all reading this.
    I left because chat won't let me talk. No intention to be rude to you two or anything.
    heading out for the evening, will hit you up in the thread soon enough. Thanks for the reply :D
    I sat in chat, in chat I sat,
    And wondered "Where's the chatters at?"
    Twas no one there, and so I stare,
    Upon a dead and empty screen,
    And in it's cold and mocking glare,
    I think about what might have been.
    ---Edgar Allan Quagmire

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