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  • Thanks for the friendly frube on I made surgery for Gallbladder.

    BTW did you ever use Wise (TransferWise). Following your mention of them i signed up with them and am very impressed with their charges, rates and efficiency. We now use them every month to transfer money between UK and France.
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    Reactions: Godobeyer
    No not yet , not needed yet, I am glade it's useful for you , when I need it I will contact you to guide me ,by your experience
    Thanx for the Moon landing froobing.
    And for phlurbing the X-ray of me head.
    And for the 41st birthday cake froube.
    And for furlbing the political fear of criticizing Israel.
    And for the absurd conflation of all Arabs furball.
    A/nd for foolbring empathy for the other.
    Thanx for the creative panhandler froobler.
    And for phlurbing the husband & wife scientist team.
    And for the Trump beating his war drums frulbe.
    And for foolbring the danger posed by Israel & USA to Iran.
    And for the too much killing & conquering froobing.
    I miss seeing you here, bro. I hope you and your family are safe during these crazy times!
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    Reactions: Godobeyer
    Thanks brother for asking. me was in family trouble. i am trying deal with. me still save from coronavirus. hope you and family too
    Thanks for the funny on We lost an antic paint (i am dyslexic so any strange wording i dont recognize resolves to something basic)

    And thanks for the like
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