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  • I went on at one point, but you weren't on. Didn't spend long on yesterday though.

    I responded to your question, but it seems like you didn't get my answer. I'll come on now, if you're on. :)
    People come at libertarianism from different directions. There ain't no right one, only those which interest you. I got started from a disdain for government's quashing of civil liberties (specifically, military draft, affirmative action, gun rights). Then my lunacy expanded from there.
    Ahh I see. Why are you getting baptised by mormons?
    (BTW in chat just now if want join us, link)
    Haha yea it lasted only like 5 seconds :p :D I am looking into Sikhism, Judaism, Pure-Land Buddhism, or perhaps something more eclectic.
    Ya I've kinda been inactive myself lately :p I am still trying to find my way :/
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