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  • Hey Matt! Long time.
    Well lots of adjustments, same as everybody I guess. These days I'm completely dependent on solar power for electricity, which was okay until we started getting a lot of cloudy days.

    Life's gotten to be challenging for everybody. some of its actually fun though.
    I just ordered another solar panel from Amazon, but I kind of have to budget my online time until it gets here.
    Oh wow thats quite something! Did you get it all setup well?
    Just out of curiosity, how would you characterize the condition of the power infrastructure in the UK. There are many people here who say the infrastructure in America is deteriorating rapidly.
    A money order is like a bank cheque or draft only it's not always issued by a bank. Many businesses issue them. If you want a money order, you go to one of those businesses, put down the money you want for the cheque or draft, and then pay a small fee for it.

    I do think the forum has gone downhill just a bit with the arrival of some newer posters. But then the forum has its ups and downs like that.
    I did something funny today. I went to buy a money order for 560 dollars. The clerk misheard me and gave me a money order for 460 dollars. Normally, I would have noticed. But this is the one day in memory when I didn't check the amount on the money order at the store. The one day! With my luck, a one day lapse is all that's needed! :D

    Burning ground. I guess if you're standing on it, it becomes quite fascinating, in a kind of life-threatening way.
    "Especially when things go bang"? I can imagine that is indeed fun!

    I've been painting a bit. Portraits mostly. I'm not very good at it, but it makes me feel good to do it. Other than that, I've tried to keep a nice, easy-going lifestyle.
    WHOOT!!!!! How have you been doing? What have you been doing? And, most importantly, who have you been doing?
    I've been doing fine -- kind of busy, but fine. Glad to hear your work is going well!
    Hi Mat! I'm only logging in for a moment. I have to run some errands today. How are things going with you? Still getting paid to fornicate with your co-workers?
    Congratulations! That's great news! Where will you be living now?

    Things have been pretty steady with me. Nothing too exciting happens, and nothing too depressing happens. I'm thinking of livening things up by sneaking up behind my neighbors at odd moments to set off strings of firecrackers. What do you think? Is my plan pure genius or inspired by the devil?
    I haven't been on RF for a long time, so I just got your message. Do you have Skype? I always forget to log into MSN Messenger.
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