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Last Activity:
Dec 3, 2011
Jan 27, 2010
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N/E England UK
subconscious communication


Angel Of The North, from N/E England UK

David69 was last seen:
Dec 3, 2011
    1. Vasilisa Jade
      Vasilisa Jade
      Wow, I had no idea you were here. How in the hell did I miss you?!
    2. MysticSang'ha
      It's my pleasure. Hope you're enjoying the forums!
    3. seraphimoflucifer
      very intresting my friend. I agree about the whole energy aspect. Brilliant insight : hamster :
    4. David69
      Hey UV, was this recently? I tried summoning him. I told you of a dream I had of him. it is important! If you see him tell him that the ghostmaker says " tack me and keep me down" I asked Andy in dream when he manifested, Tell me something that you will know and he looked straight at me and said that! I understand the reasons and am worried for him! He's in the duldrums imo. I have showered him with love and protection! I miss that brother!
    5. blackout
      Hey! Welcome to RF. :rainbow1:

      DW was banned (again) from here,
      just a few days after he re-joined.

      I really enjoyed his company for a couple of days then....
      *pooft* .... he was gone again.

    6. seraphimoflucifer
      So I get the luciferian part but have yet to grasp where the vampire comes in ?
    7. seraphimoflucifer
      David I'm curious as to what it means to be a Luciferian vampire & natural Luciferian, could you please clarify ?
    8. zenzero
      Friend David69,

      Welcome to RF!
      Best Wishes.

      Love & rgds
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    N/E England UK
    subconscious communication
    Finding Myself. Luciferian vampire, Lucifer incarnate, messiah, lost lamb, farther of three kids



    Lucifer resides within my subconscious, the place mortals refur to as The Abyss~David69~333:9