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  • I am requesting Mods to transfer the topic to General Religious Debates, though the idea that Israelites came from India, does not particularly enthuses me.
    Stopping by. Wow I didn't know that happened to you back in 2015. I like having my blood, too. Hope all is well.
    Thanks, I'm doing great now. I'm looking forward to a real summer I can enjoy. Last of my wounds just healed so I can swim now. Yeah!!!
    Long time no see! Hope you had a good summer :)
    Unfortunately not. I got medevaced in July, and just got home two days ago. Lost more then half my blood. They were amazed I was alive. It is surprising how good it feels to have all your blood. LOL! I have to go back in four months for more checkups but I'm feeling pretty good right now.
    I was just wondering what your stance was when it comes to magic. Do you by any chance practice any? If so what kind do you practice? :)
    You seem very passionate about debating and studying Bible topics. I have to wonder how you got so interested and living way out in Alaska too! With a teal RV!
    Hello from Texas....if you are ever near Nome, say "Hello" to my niece who is the harbor master in Nome...Joy Baker..she is a busy lady
    Friend Ingledsva,

    You are blessed to live in paradise. Lovely sight around where you live.

    Love & rgds
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