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  • Keep up all the good posts please! :D

    Hope the new year has started out good for you
    You have a very artistic eye. Your album shots are extremely well done. Of course you have phenomenal material to work with.

    Now I'm jealous and homesick.....I grew up in Fairbanks. Been in the lower 48 for ~25 years now. :(
    See you around the funny pages.
    I'm guessing that you went to your user CP page and clicked 'edit profile picture'. Your profile page has a picture of you.
    What you want is 'edit avatar' under 'settings and options' - not far below 'edit profile picture'.
    I hope that helps.

    I remember the name Inanna, but I don't recall having exchanges with you. Your face looks familiar too, did you use that as your avatar on myspace or am I imagining things ?
    I've been meaning to ask for a while - what was your username on myspace ? I know I'm going to go "duh, of course !"
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