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  • I can certainly understand that. It was my pleasure, I've always been fascinated by the elements of the natural world a lot of other Pagans tend to skim past ;)
    Thank you Caladan. Honestly, I understand and admire your frankness which is far better than hiding behind platitudes :) Don't think for a minute that I have a problem with what you actually said, I was just a little surprised to hear it from you with such passion ;) I endorse critical accounts of my religion as important counter-balances to the spectre of apologetics. I detest, for example, Thomas E Woods account of Catholic history. He is a conservative American Catholic (a Libertarian actually) and his book on our history is selective drivel trying to wash over the "bad parts". I hope you do not think that I would ever approve of such perspectives.
    Cool. Just hope your costume's waterproof and stain-resistant (Naykid has a hard time holding his liquor on holidays :D).
    Hubby was reading one of your posts and cracked such a good joke I need to share it with you as well. He took a look at your religious status and said something along the lines of: "Do you think he looks at his sandwich goes 'I wonder whether there's god in here' before he eats it?" The mental image was just too much for me. :D
    I just wanted to thank and congradulate you for your excellent posts in that thread. I was impressed more than I can state.
    I hope you don't mind that I click on most threads your username shows up on. I just can't resist well-informed posts these days. :D
    Thanks! :D I had noticed it, but then had the horrible catch-22 where I wanted to comment on it, but then if I did, it would no longer be 8888.
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