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  1. DharmaCatLamp

    Religious Authority and Authority in General

    Howdy! Recently I have been going through the David Graeber book called debt. It’s pretty neat and helped me put into words a few things that I believed but had not exactly articulated. It’s interesting to note for instance how debt and authority sort of comingle. What I realized is I simply...
  2. TransmutingSoul

    Great thing about Messengers and Prophecy

    What I think is great, is how combining prophecy paints a bigger picture. I see that each of the prophesies from the many faith sources, taken only by themselves can be like the Blind men and the Elephant metaphor. So if we grab all God given prophesies, inclusive of some indigenous prophecies...
  3. Exaltist Ethan

    Living Prophets

    There are currently eight billion people alive on Earth. The total amount of people to ever exist is roughly 80 billion. That means one out of ten people who were ever alive are alive now. Yet living prophets are so rare now. Why? All the prophets that seem to have existed are now dead. So why...
  4. TransmutingSoul

    There is no argument to be used against a Messenger

    Any argument a person of faith chooses to dissprove a True Messenger of God, is just as valid against their chosen Messenger. So is it not then logical that we could then prove the Messengers by comparing the Attibutes? Then in that process, those that are false, will start to become obvious...
  5. Truth in love

    Biblical code view of prophets

    The OT is pretty clear that prophets are great. I think that notion is very well accepted by Christians. I’ve also seen a fairly common view that God stopped using prophets. Amos 3:7 strongly suggests that they are an on going thing. Matthew 7:15 is a warning about false prophets. A very odd...
  6. A

    Trump Prophecies: A Glimpse into the Future?

    Disclaimer: The following predictions are the opinions of self-proclaimed evangelical Christian "prophets". I make no claim to the authenticity or divine inspiration of these so-called prophets. Their claims are as follows: Starting in 2007 and continuing to the present, a number of...
  7. TransmutingSoul

    Why Believers Can Not Be Quiet

    I have been reading posts and I have even said it may be best to be silent when it comes to matters of faith. Silence has its place, but in the end the silence will always need to be broken, as little progress can be found in silence. I thought about God's Messengers and wondered about what...
  8. Harel13

    Prophets prior to Jesus

    In Judaism, prophecy is believed to have ended after Malachi and is set to come back during the messianic era (never mind the reasons now). From what I've gathered, Christians believe that prophecy never ended. Jesus, for example, is considered, among other things, a prophet. Maybe also John...
  9. M

    Why do Abrahamics disagree over so-called prophets and prophesies?

    Is it symptomatic for some type of defect in these religions or is it only a minority of members that seem to enjoy discussing such weighty or trivial things? Why are dharmic paths much less concerned with this type of questions?
  10. Tonstad39

    Jesus Christ the monk

    So, I have found a couple of Documentaries that show the supposed life of Jesus in places like Kashmir in India and I know that the Resurrection is very central to Christian theology. What do you as a Christian think of these historical records in terms of your faith?
  11. Rakovsky

    Why should one believe that something the TaNaKh predicts would actually literally occur?

    The TaNaKh has inspiring, appealing predictions like the future Redemption and Resurrection. I would prefer for them to turn out to be factually true, but I would like to please ask why one would believe that they actually would? Let me explain what I mean. I. Jews and Christians generally...
  12. B

    MUSLIMS Is your belief that "God is only one" the entire True & complete message of islam?

    Or is there more to it? If theres more, please don't write extra information about the "Truth" I don't want to risk being in disbelief if islam is correct. I'm a Christian BTW