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  1. TransmutingSoul

    Unity in Submission to God’s Counsels.

    That's it, to me, plain and simple it is a No. I see the peace and security of humanity is unattainable, unless and until Unity is firmly established and that unity is not possible while humanity as a majority do not follow the Counsels given by God. All faiths given of God, do have Counsels...
  2. Melchizedek99

    Why do some Atheists say Christianity is harmful?

    Obviously not all Atheists claim this, most atheists dont really care about ones faith. However there are some atheists who claim Christianity is harmful as a religion. They tend to be more on the antitheist side. My question is why? And how? How is christianity in any way form or shape...
  3. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Obey God's Orders

    Fill in the blank: _________ obey God's orders.
  4. Mr. Ed

    Somethings are not as they seem

    I'm a Southern Baptist PK, my world consisted of my dad, the church and god. I was baptized by my dad at 6yrs old, it was the thing I could do get my dad's attention or approval. I went to church all the way through high school, went to bible retreat vacations sponsored by whatever church my dad...
  5. Exaltist Ethan

    Unity within Religious Groups

    The Baha'i Faith is a very interesting religion. It allows its members to do virtually anything they want and remain a Baha'i. If you are gay and want to have a gay marriage, you cannot have a gay Baha'i marriage, but you can get married the secular way if your government permits it. There's a...
  6. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Openness to Change

    Everybody and every thing changes. In fact, in Earthseed, God is change. However, some people are more willing to change their spiritual and religious beliefs than others. For some people, the religion they were raised in is the religion they stick to their entire lives. For others, religion is...
  7. Exaltist Ethan

    Shopping for Religion

    I was chatting with Chat GPT today. I asked it several questions about theology. First, I posed it the question: "what religions believe we are creating God?" It didn't list religions but rather the theologies posed in the ideas of panentheism and the cumulative concept known has process...
  8. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Which Came First?

    This topic probably comes up often on these forums, but I'm including a poll with multiple options and also putting this in debates, so there's that. The question on my mind is: Which came first, God or existence? By existence I don't mean the Universe. Doing some extrapolating, I would argue...
  9. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Inside Looking Out vs Outside Looking In Regarding Religion

    This thread was inspired by this post I wrote last night. “From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can't explain it." This is a famous quote I'm sure some of you have heard before. I'm curious as to if most people here view themselves on the...
  10. Exaltist Ethan

    Explaining Exaltism

    The idea for this thread came from this post I wrote myself on a different thread. I would like to use this thread for one very specific reason: to explain my religious beliefs, which I call Exaltism. This post that I wrote did some of this explanation, but since my beliefs change, grow, and...
  11. TransmutingSoul

    Great thing about Messengers and Prophecy

    What I think is great, is how combining prophecy paints a bigger picture. I see that each of the prophesies from the many faith sources, taken only by themselves can be like the Blind men and the Elephant metaphor. So if we grab all God given prophesies, inclusive of some indigenous prophecies...
  12. TransmutingSoul

    Obligation as Faith leaders

    This OP is about the choice of those that represent a Faith. Starting at the leader, on to the priests, and down to all those that have a appointed responsibility of guiding the followers. No matter what faith, no matter what these leaders are called. It is aimed at addressing those that have...
  13. TransmutingSoul

    Power of Fake News

    Fake news and untruthfulness has now become a plague on the progress of the human race. The power of the written and spoken word by those that are supposedly to report the truth, is well known. It is used for good and is used to deceive. The Baha'i Writings contain advice I would like to...
  14. Exaltist Ethan


    This thread was inspired by @DharmaCatLamp 's thread entitled "Interesting Experience and Thoughts about Interconnection". I believe that he had underwent a deep and personal epiphany that felt him feeling connected to the entire Universe, as enacted by the rituals he was undertaking...
  15. TransmutingSoul

    Ayyami-i-Ha, the Fast and Naw Ruz

    The Baha'i are now not far way from Ayyami-i-Ha which starts on February 26th and concludes on evening March the 1st. The Fast is from March 2nd to March 20th inclusive (19 days). Naw Ruz (New Year) is March the 21st A Blog on Ayyami-i-Ha An Introduction to Ayyam-i-Ha | Baha'i Blog This is...
  16. Exaltist Ethan

    What does ChatGPT say about your religion?

    As we all know AI is slowly starting to be more intelligent, more conversational, more human-like. Although, no human would ever know everything an AI already knows. However, ChatGPT, has been shown to give different responses to the same questions, and is able to conversate better than other...
  17. TransmutingSoul

    When Love is the Light

    There is no darkness. I say Love always wins in the end. No matter how much darkness may be imputed toward the light, it is not able to overcome the light. I see Faith is the light of this world, which is currently being imputed with darkness. Those that impute, are not able to overcome the...
  18. TransmutingSoul

    Examining the evidence there is of God

    This OP is for All people of all Faiths that believe in God. What evidence do you have of God? What logic and reasons have you used in determining the proofs and truths you subsequently embraced from the examination of that evidence? The purpose of this OP needs to be embraced if you are to...
  19. Exaltist Ethan

    The Difference Between Buddhism and Atheism

    I've seen a lot of posts by people who at first glance seem to be completely anti-religion and anti-theist, or at least agnostic atheist, only to find out from their religious bio that they self-identify as Buddhist instead. I know there is some underlying spirituality in Buddhism, such as...
  20. TransmutingSoul


    This OP is to finalise once and for all what is Evidence of God. After this OP there will be no need for anyone to demand evidence, as it will have been provided. This OP is applicable to all Faiths Moses and Torah, Jesus New Testament, Muhammad Koran, etc), but I will use what has been offered...