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  1. Melchizedek99

    Why do some Atheists say Christianity is harmful?

    Obviously not all Atheists claim this, most atheists dont really care about ones faith. However there are some atheists who claim Christianity is harmful as a religion. They tend to be more on the antitheist side. My question is why? And how? How is christianity in any way form or shape...
  2. OnlQQker

    How Would You Argue In This Youtube Debate?

    I'm not sure on 'The Monks' part?
  3. rubi

    If Christ wasn't the messiah, what was he?

    Hi everyone, I'm Jewish, and I'm here to engage in a respectful and open discussion about the role of Jesus Christ. As someone who doesn't believe in Christ, I hold the perspective that both Christianity and Islam have been orchestrated by God to spread monotheism. Recently, I had a...
  4. MixedMartialArts

    Marionnete, predestination, free will

    It’s occurred to me the endless back and forth volleys on these topics conclude with two main positions. 1. Free will exists otherwise what are we robots? What’s the point? And if a God exists why would he want robots? Either way we have free will to an extent 2. predestination exists which...
  5. DharmaCatLamp

    I don't think Reincarnation Makes Much Sense

    Most of my religious beliefs come from experiences and personal evidence. The sort of thing where you have an experience and then extrapolate from that to get to something else. I started worshiping Kali cause I had a pretty profound experience. I had some faith in certain practices or the idea...
  6. Exaltist Ethan

    What Type of Political Ideologies Do You Believe In?

    Inspired by my own "What Type of Theologies Do You Believe In?" thread I have decided to make one identical to that only reflecting political ideologies rather than theological. I have decided to only use the ideologies here that are supported by their own sub-forum. There are probably a few...
  7. DharmaCatLamp

    What Is Your Most Controversial Religious Opinion?

    I've been watching some videos with what we might call controversial opinions. Some of these are about philosophy, some of these are about Ukraine etc. What controversial opinions do you have about religion or other religious traditions? I suppose one controversial opinion I'll share is that...
  8. DharmaCatLamp

    Are all Religions the Same ?- Dr. David Frawley

    Howdy. I was browsing youtube looking for different content related to Dharma and came across this video. I thought it was pretty interesting and might be something worth sharing. What do you guys think about the content of the video?
  9. MatthewA

    Holy Spirit is Teacher? Bible Thoughts/Debate?

    Thank you for viewing, and please let me assure you that I was not sure where to post this between scriptural debate, and bible debate. Would there be a better place to put it @Staff Members if it is not in the correct area. May all of you take care, and have a good day. These are some of the...
  10. Ehav4Ever

    There is no Judaism vs. Christianity - There is Judaism and there is Christianity

    In reality there is no Judaism vs. Christianity. As far as Jews/Torath Mosheh/Judaism are concerned Christians can beleive whatever they want, how they want, etc. Most Torah based Jews are not trying to convince Christians to change their religion, adjust their religion, or even to accept Jewish...
  11. D

    How do you feel about furries?

    I'm trying to find out how people feel about certain subjects, from LGBTQA+ to Religion, and now I would like to know how people feel about furries.
  12. randix

    Why do people have religious beliefs?

    It seems to me that most people's religious beliefs are those they assimilated as children, or were indoctrinated with by their parents, peers, community and culture. Many others seem to adopt or adhere to religious beliefs as a result of fear, including fear of death, of the unknown, and fear...
  13. SalixIncendium

    The Style of Debate in Ancient India

    I came to learn today while listening to a Vedanta talk that the style of debate in ancient India went like this... If you state something, before I can reply, I must restate to you what you said to your satisfaction. “Is this your position on the subject?” If the answer is “yes,” only then can...
  14. TransmutingSoul

    The active trolls

    I see RF has active trolls, in the guises of balanced posters. It could be they do not think they are and as such it could be applicable to my own self. What says you? No names allowed. Regards Tony
  15. N

    Debate on Creationism

    Hello. I am going to challenge Creationists, more specifically Muslim or Christian Creationists, to present their best logical evidence for God. Since this is not science vs. religion, I don't want anything that's trying to pointlessly debunk evolution since it will only extend the argument or...
  16. Miracle

    The complexity of God made simple

    If you haven't checked it out already, you definitely should. This 8-minute video explains the complexity of God in a somewhat simple way. Great for atheists, Jews and all other faiths that find the Godhead confusing. Let me know whether you agree or disagree. God bless you!
  17. GoldenEye

    Old Earth vs Young Earth Debate

    I would like to see how many of our users here believe in which theory (old earth or young earth) and why. What are the core issues in the debate between old earth and young earth? Do you believe the earth was created in 7 days? Give your argument for or against.
  18. N

    Why do representatives of religions group together against atheists?

    I have seen this behaviour in discussions and debates often. The question might be for example “Does God exist?”. The participants on one side will be a group of people representing various religions. On the other side will be a group of atheists. Invariably the religious will seriously...
  19. stvdv

    Debate: Does it Proof you are a fool, or just a smart-***?

    Debate: Does it Proof you are a fool, or just a smart-a.s.s? I get a crush if ego get a crash If other is right, debating him proofs I am a fool If other is wrong, him debating proofs he's a fool
  20. SalixIncendium

    What is your definition of...?

    I've seen several posts here asking how someone is defining a term, particularly in threads where people are talking past each other. At what point did it become acceptable for everyone to have their own personalized definition of a word? Do we not have words and corresponding agreed-upon...