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Jul 4, 2020
Jan 2, 2020
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Jan 15, 1959 (Age: 61)


Member, 61

randix was last seen:
Jul 4, 2020
    1. Salvador
      Thanks for the frube re: What scares you the most about religion?
    2. ChristineM
      Thank you for frubling The Real Question
    3. ChristineM
      Thanks for the frube on So what did God do before He created the Universe?

      A frube (or similar spelling) is an ancient word for the post awards.

      Also, a little late but I don't think I've seen you before so welcome to RF
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    Jan 15, 1959 (Age: 61)
    "spiritual but not religious" monist/deist/panentheist
    Raised by Christian missionaries in an insular foreign missionary compound with its own religion-centered schooling. Moved away from rote religious orthodoxy as I matured, to learn, grow in understanding and develop as an individual from my own personal experience and interaction with others within reality. I frequently examine and question my own beliefs as well as those of others, with the realization that beliefs might not conform to reality, or might be an incomplete view of reality.
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