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  1. Truthseeker

    An important message from Baha'u'llah that applies to the current situation in the world

    Take heed lest the deeds wrought by the embodiments of idle fancy sadden you or the acts committed by every wayward oppressor grieve you. Seize ye the chalice of constancy through the power of His Name, quaff then therefrom by virtue of the sovereignty of God, the Powerful, the Omnipotent. Thus...
  2. Truthseeker

    The translation of Tablet of visitation for Mulla Husayn anns Quddus has ben added to the Baha'i reference library

    Additional Tablets and Extracts from Tablets Revealed by Bahá’u’lláh | Bahá’í Reference Library
  3. TransmutingSoul

    Obligation as Faith leaders

    This OP is about the choice of those that represent a Faith. Starting at the leader, on to the priests, and down to all those that have a appointed responsibility of guiding the followers. No matter what faith, no matter what these leaders are called. It is aimed at addressing those that have...
  4. Truthseeker

    Hidden Words deepening 3:00 - 4:30 eastern time (US) Saturday

    Duane Dawson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. We are up to Persian Hidden Word #36. You can ponder this Hidden Word and several more if you want. Music included, when possible. Not likely anyone will join from here, but just in case. Topic: Hidden Words deepening Time: Nov 19, 2022...
  5. TransmutingSoul

    Ascension of Baha’u’llah

    This is a program for the Ascension of Baha’u’llah from 9 Star Solutions. It is usually observed are 3am on the 29th. Ascension of Baha’u’llah – A Program for the Holy Day Allah'u'abha and Ya Baha'ul Abha to all, it is now 4am in Australia. Regards Tony
  6. Truthseeker

    Hidden Words Zoom meeting 2:00 - 3:30 Eastern time (US)

    There will be no meeting a week from Saturday, there is a conference here in our location here on that day. I will no longer try to include scriptures from other religions because I have found that it distracts from truly discussing what each Hidden Word means. Those who liked it the way it was...
  7. Truthseeker

    Music of The Baha'i World Congress NYC

    This is a playlist of songs from the Baha'i World Congress. Choose as you wish or listen to them all at one sitting. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLseY_NPAZAWfUz5Ci_8d9wNxsjwYYQOAj
  8. Truthseeker

    O Baha'u'llah song with wonderfully appropriate video

    This video show the stages of Baha'u'llah's persecution, then showing the solid foundation He has laid, all in harmony to the music originally played at the 2nd Baha'i World Congress. This song is familiar to some of you, I'm sure, but the video really enhances the experience.
  9. Truthseeker

    Tablet Of Maryam - Chanted in Persian

    I've never heard anything more beautiful and painful in my life.
  10. Truthseeker

    Adib Taherzadeh on Drawing Nigh to Baha'u'llah

    12 Talks in a playlist about an hour long each. I'm up to talk three, talks two and three are great! My favorite author. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLePDtgwcyKATCXeA5cFpj_OlMwHHjBTf5
  11. TransmutingSoul

    Signs for our times

    The purpose of this OP in a debate section is to allow for alternate input, at the same time offer what I see is unfolding in the world as per a Baha'i veiwpoint. (This is not official Baha'i viewpoint but a personal understanding of my observations) In the early 1990's Abdul'baha gave a future...
  12. DagonVarunaMitraApolloZan

    Questions for knowledgeable Bahai / followers of Baha'u'llah

    No room for questions in heaven. How will you ask ? The above is a link to where this questioning started, but in order to prevent de-railing the thread, this thread has been created for anyone at all, especially Bahai people or anyone who deems themselves informed about Bahai or even just...
  13. TransmutingSoul

    Birth of the Bab and Baha'u'llah 2020

    2 Invitations to a live broadcast are available. For the Bab For Baha'ullah Regards Tony
  14. TransmutingSoul

    The Covenant of Baha'u'llah

    Some posts on RF have questioned the Infallibility of Abdu'lbaha. This post is to offer guidance on what Baha'u'llah has offered as to the Station of Abdu'lbaha and His given authority under the Covenant. A general introduction can be found at this link. Bahá’u’lláh and His Covenant | What...
  15. TransmutingSoul

    Christianity All Power Seized

    This thread is a result of a comment made in; The Bible a sure Spiritual Guide. The comment was: ".... God drowned almost all of humanity. Then he drowned the Egyptian army. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He had his people kill every living thing in Jericho. He had Elijah kill the prophets...
  16. TransmutingSoul

    Ascension of Baha'u'llah

    May 28th is the Baha'i Holy day to commemorate the passing of Baha'u'llah in 1892. It closed a 40 years period of Revelation. This is a short reflection of what that meant for humanity. Reflections on the Ascension of Baha’u’llah Regards Tony
  17. BrokenOldWheel563

    Baha'u'llah and Progressive Revelation question

    Hi there, thank you for reading my post :) I'm currently learning about the Baha'i Faith. I'm still very new to the theology and stuff of the religion and just started learning about the Progressive Revelation part, I think that's what it's called. I think Baha'u'llah said somewhere that after...
  18. SalixIncendium

    Baha'u'llah's Accomplishments

    **PLEASE NOTE THIS THREAD IS IN RELIGIONS Q&A. RESPONSES ARE NOT SUBJECT TO DEBATE** Aside from creating a following after claiming to be an incarnation/manifestation of God, what were his worldly accomplishments? What is different with the world today after his life than in the days previous...
  19. danieldemol

    Baha'u'llah on the Bab as Mahdi and Armin Eschraghi's paper in "Unity in Diversity"

    Please note this is in the Baha'i DIR In his paper in the book Unity in Diversity ISBN: 978-90-04-26280-5, Armin Eschraghi starts off correctly concluding that; However by page 129 Eschraghi seems to have in my opinion misunderstood Baha’u’llah for Eschraghi says; So where did Eschraghi go...
  20. danieldemol

    The reason for Baha'u'llahs banishment to Akka according to an academically peer reviewed article

    Please note that this is in the Baha'i DIR. According to the academically reviewed Smith, Peter (2008). An Introduction to the Baha'i Faith. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-86251-5 Baha'u'llah was banished to Akka and Azal (Mirza Yahya) was banished to Famagusta Cypress as...