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Last Activity:
Oct 9, 2017
Oct 8, 2004
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God's land


Quran & Sunnah, from God's land

Peace was last seen:
Oct 9, 2017
    1. dynavert2012
      Eid Mubarak
      كل عام انتم بخير
    2. .lava
      Hello :) I am doing fine thank you. I also hope you're well and happy ..
    3. Gharib

      Thank you sister for your dua and kind words. May Allah increase all of us in beneficial knowledge and wisdom and may we be of those who act upon what we learn.

      It's nice to see your contributions also. You are like a teacher to many of us.
    4. Assad91
      Wa Alaikum Salam. Thank you for accepting me :)
    5. Assad91
      Salamu Alaikum. Thank you for the frubal :) Ameen
    6. Lady B
      Lady B
      why thank you for the fruble, God Bless you !
    7. SageTree
      I am, I am. :) peace, Peace.
    8. Gharib
      Thank you for your nice words sister. I too hope that it works Insha Allah.
    9. sandandfoam
      Hi Peace,

      My family are very well thanks - growing growing growing! My health is great again to thanks be to God. The last operation really did the trick and I'm as fit as a fiddle once more. I'm out in the air every day and loving it. I like to get up in the early morning and stretch my legs for an hour these days. Nothing like it :)
      I was only saying to my wife during the week that it feels like a different person who was unable to walk across a room without running out of breath.
    10. sandandfoam
      Hi Peace!

      Long time no see. Your presence has been missed. I hope all is very well where you are :) Great to see you today!
      Best regards,

    11. Gharib
      Amin Amin.

      I got the link from sister ssainhu. She posted it in a thread in the DIR. It's exceptional.
    12. Gharib
      Yes I have wanted to leave and make Hijrah to a country where I could better practice Islam for a couple of years now, the feeling has just increased after my Umrah journey. I don't know what my chances of living and dying in Madinah are but I really want to go there.

      Everything revolved around the Masjid and around Islam. It is not possible for anyone to miss salah or be disobedient to Allah in such a blessed city. I just loved it so much. There were plenty of knowledgeable people from whom I could learn so I don't see a purpose to live anywhere else other than Madinah. I hope Allah accepts my dua's to live there. Please make dua for me sister.
    13. Gharib
      Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

      I loved it, I have never been happier in my life and have never done anything better than it. Unfortunately though, I now miss Madinah and Makkah very much. To be honest I really don't know how to describe it in words. I hope to live long enough to go again soon insha Allah.

      I actually want to go and live there, it's a little bit troublesome, but I will try and find a way insha Allah. I want to make Hijrah for the sake of Allah.

      I particularly loved Madinah as a whole, where as for Makkah, I only loved very much the Haram and being inside it, looking at the Ka'ba from so close, my heart melted every time. I didn't like the city though.

      I hope everything is well for you Insha Allah, I haven't seen you around lately.
    14. Gharib
      and you too. amin insha Allah.
    15. Gharib
      Insha Allah, i will make dua for you and your family.

      i knew he had 7 children, but unfortunately i am not very good with names.
    16. Gharib
      yes 2 more weeks. i can't wait to go. i'm trying to get all the little details through looking into the life of Rasulallah and the Sahab. i hope Allah accepts it from me. please make dua sister.
    17. Gharib
      Alaykum salam, i hope everything is going well insha Allah.
    18. Gharib
      salam sister can you post a new question in the quiz thread insha Allah. looking forward to the next question.
    19. Gharib
      you are welcome sister and thank you for your nice words.

      i had a look at the thread, i had no idea that wasn't the last verse. i will try and think to see which verse was the last revealed one.
    20. maro
      miss all of you wallahy :hugehug:
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    God's land
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    " The most perfect believers are the best in conduct and best of you are those who are best to their wives"
    Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
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