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  • I don't know if this will interest you, but I thought you should be the judge of whether or not it does. WAKING UP: Chapter One : Sam Harris
    Hi Stephen! I really am looking forward to Christmas this year. I'll be spending it with my younger brother and his family. Should be a good time.

    What about you? Are you looking forward to it?
    By the way, Stephen, I'm back to blogging a bit. Not every day, but every now and then. Just so you know.
    How goes it? The leaves are turning here -- bright, sunny days, cool weather, and gorgeous trees. Glad I don't have to rake the leaves from my landlord's yard!
    Yeah, things are well. Coming back to a new place after 3 months has bee challenging in some ways.
    Freeing in others. Learning to live as a couple again, integrating the space we've created.
    And making sure it's not the wrong kind of space.

    My time at the monastery was awesome though, and don't regret it once,
    that it's caused a bit of a regroup between my Wife and I.
    It's good growth I think... but habits after 3 months away are still habits to observe...

    It will take time. But it's space held in love. So it'll be okay.
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