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  • wa iyyakum

    Thank you dear dyna I did not see the message, but appreciate the sentiment even now after Eid is done :)

    I hope you and your loved ones are well
    Thank you :) Eid Mubarak for you too!! تقبل الله منا ومنكم
    You said:"at first i think i got it wrong till i found illykitty a "native English speaker" got it as me"

    Actually my native languages are French and Hungarian... But I'm fluent in English. I was born in French bit of Canada and moved to the UK 4 years ago to live with my husband.
    وانت بخير ... عيد سعيد
    Eid mubarak to you too brother. Thank you for the welcome. I hope it is a blessed Eid for you and your family.
    HI! Well, maybe it was due to that. I like a less structured type of worship. There are things about different religions that I like, which is why I put UU. It's like chips, I can't have just one. :)
    She is going to run if you Shia and Sunni don't stop . You people rather go off n let her ponder on Qur'an-only so that she won't run away nor regret in the Sunni quicksand ..

    Don't you see how she found Islam - through Qur'an and not through Hadith .
    Its better to save somebody at first instead waiting to see her jumping in quicksand . Don't you agree ?
    I am safe, alhamdulillah...
    بس انت عارف ناس نعرفها اتقتلت...فحاجة كئيبة
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