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  • Where are you??! Miss you so much!! I hope you are doing well my dear sister! :hug:
    Mayada enty feen? laih mesh bashofek 3ala el FB? wa7shteeny awy...Kul sana w enty tayeba :)
    I am glad you are back dear sister :) I hope things are going well with you!
    Hi Maro,
    Ramadan is good with me thank you :) I am not fasting because of the trouble I had with my stomach. I am trying to be more mindful of God than usual. Concentrating. Reading. Since I tried fasting first I like this month.
    How are things with you?
    Ramadan mubarak kareem dear Mayada wa kollo 3amin wa anti ila Lahi aqrab! :)
    Salam my dear sister Mayada, I hope you are doing well! We miss you here!!
    Mayada, el thread bta3 Tunisia yesta7e2 ennek totlobi en el 3enwan yetghayar w yet7at feh esm masr...
    qolobna wa da3awatna ma3akom. Rabbena yahfadkom wa yokhaliskom mina diktator. Tamenouni 3alikom!! :hug:
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