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  • أحلام حبيبتى....كل سنة وانتى بألف صحو وسلامة
    رمضان كريم علينا كلنا
    Thank you, Peace. :)
    Ramadan Mubarak to you as well; may Allah shower all of us with His blessings during this month (and always)...Ameen.
    Salam peace, where are you these days? dont see much of you around hope everything is okkkk :)
    yarab ya a7lam...but you know what, all this tells that there is much hope, these young people could break the chains of silence and fear...I am very proud of them...
    Nothing is coming out of this except the dead and inured people, in addition to those who are being arrested...a very sad condition. :(
    laaaaaah el imtyaz maynfa3sh 5alas :sad4:, my overall grades matewsalsh lil-imtyaz 5ales
    bs rabbena y3en fi game3 el a7wal
    :D Allahy y5alleky ya A7lam
    Howa isA the sixth (last) year is going to start on next Sat. It lasts like 12 mon. Graduation after this isA.
    But still there will be a training year (we call it "imtyaz") to be able to work here. But once you finish the sixth year, you are graduated.
    Allahu Al-musta3an :)
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