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  • Wow, Ahlam I'm so happy to see you here again :hug:
    الحمد لله على كل شئ, الوضع صعب هنا, للأسف المجلس العسكرى طلع نسخة من مبارك, بس ربنا ييسر ان شاء الله ويحصلوه هما كمان
    السلام عليكم, ازيك يا أحلام؟ ايه اخبارك؟
    walaikom assalam warahmat Allah.

    Only now am I allowed to reply to messeges. So sorry for the late reply

    Thank you for the welcoming
    ربنا يحمى مصر وكل الدول العربية ويذل كل ظالم وكل من أردا ببلادنا سوءا
    Right on, it's 950am here....
    Always cool to figure out a little more where people are posting from,
    And it's funny to see when the conversations you are having start to drop off and when they pick back up.... guessing what time it must be or where people are posting from.

    We have a pretty vast group of people here :)
    Have a good, whatever portion of the day is left where you are at, and a good rest of the week.
    آااااه يا أحلام....واضح إن الثورة بيتم اجهاضها
    وأهدافها بدأت تضيع
    شكلنا مش هنعرف نشوف مصر اللى بنحلم بها فى المستقبل القريب
    وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
    ramadan mubarak sister, sorry for the late reply i haven't been around lately. i hope you and your family are in good health, may allah accept your fasting.
    The fast is going well. Going without food was hard at first but it isn't so bad now. Going without water was really hard for me the first few days, but I'm adapting to that as well. For me the hardest part is having to deal with very unsupportive family. Oh well, such is life. I want to please my family, but I want to please Allah more, and Allah is more important as well. Alhamdulillah!
    Ramadan Kareem dear Ahlam, I miss you so much too dear sister....How are doing in Ramadan?
    Rabena yataqabl mna sale7 el2a3maal.
    ramadan kareem dear ahlam :) , تقبل الله صيامنا و قيامنا ان شاء الله
    How nice to be remembered :) I hope this Ramadan take you closer to Allah. Ramadan Kareem :)
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