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  • Yeah, you are not alone anymore :D
    I hope that Sahar, Maro, and Peace come back too....But your arabic is great sister :) have you take courses or something?
    Wa alaikum assalam, how are you? I miss you too dear sister :)
    I am just bored of this forum :D
    Wa `alaikum salam dear sister, thank you for asking :) I have bee back for about two weeks now I believe :D Sometimes I am just too busy that I cannot log in or spend much time here. I hope you are doing well sister :)
    Hey girl! I've just got a lot of schoolwork and a full time job now. I'm well besides that, though. Hope you are too!
    Salam sister,

    Haha this is a very good quote I love it :) Alhamdulillah it is always a good reminder when looking at it. As a side note have you read Maududi? I think it is safe to say that you are proficient in Urdu so I was wondering if you had read some of his work, especially since a lot of it is still untranslated.
    Thank you sweet sis. Alhamdulillah now, I believe we are walking on the path of reform. Insha' Allah, our country is going to be much better. :)
    Salaam sister

    Indeed it is good sorting through the laws of Islam to enhance our knowledge. I look forward to the discussion :)

    Best Regards
    Salaam sister,

    No problem I am a patient guy :) I actually am reading some unrelated stuff about Islam at the moment and I am enjoying it so when you find the time we can continue the discussion, but I don't want to put you in some pressure to post all of it when you don't want to.

    Hoping you are well.
    Oh no, it isn't. I'm religious, it just turns out that I don't believe in God. When push comes to shove, not too many religious people do, even in Christianity and Islam.
    Wa anti min ahli al jazaa dear sister :)
    I am doing well alhamdulillah. I have just been too busy recently. What about you?
    Thanks. I'm not sure if I respond here or on my own page,lol. But I have 2 bobtail cats, Momma and her big ole baby. and a siamese.
    Dear lovely sister Shaza, I missed you soooo much my dear sister, I missed talking to you so much. Why dont you send me your sentences anymore?? I was so happy I would help you learn, theres another sister who always send me what she needs to understand on my hotmail , and we're doing fine hamduliaallah, why dont you do the same?? That would be sooo great +++ I misseed ya , why dont you come online anymore??

    Your sister whos missing ya
    Fatima Zahrae
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