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Recent content by Neophyte

  1. Neophyte

    Bible Questions...

    Bible question... 1) Why would the all-knowing god of the Bible purposely create a person that he knew would not accept his son and then send him/her to Hell? 2) If god could not accept a soul in Heaven due to sin why not create another place besides Hell to place the soul? 3) Why did god...
  2. Neophyte

    Hatred of Christianity!

    I completely understand your grief with this. Not all Christians are evil people...truth is most are not. Christianity is, however, a very evil religion if you place your emphasis on the Old Testament, but Christianity is a very loving religion if you focus on the New Testament. Truth is, it...
  3. Neophyte

    no faith vs wrong faith

    I think the answer would really depend on which religion was right. For instance, if reincarnation is real then believing in the wrong god makes no difference. If the god of the Bible is true then believing in anything else would send you to Hell. So we see quite a difference in the final...
  4. Neophyte

    why did jesus call judas the betrayer?

    I must agree with you for the most part, however, I would not refer to a crucifiction as "chillin" in the least. That would be quite a sacrifice as well, but eternal damnation would be a lot worse.
  5. Neophyte

    why did jesus call judas the betrayer?

    Since Jesus knew the future and everything is predestined, it does not seem right to criticize Judas. Not just that, the Bible said the devil entered into him. How was that his fault? Joh 13:26 Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped...
  6. Neophyte

    Do you believe in personal God?

    I mostly agree with this! Good post!
  7. Neophyte

    Eveyones favorite topic (or at least most)...SEX!

    What made sex to taboo? Some cultures think of it as so taboo while others have orgies. What made it this way and why are we so hung up on it? I admit...I love it, then again...I am a guy. Girls like it but are less hung up on it then men (at least in most cases...certainly not all.) So, what...
  8. Neophyte

    Gun Rights: The government screwd up; Gun owners pay.

    So the girl must suffer the rapist desire since she does not want to threaten him with death? Also, usually the site of the gun sends them running. Most of the time she never even has to fire the gun. He/She takes the risk of death when he/she decides to rape a victim. You must understand rape...
  9. Neophyte

    Gun Rights: The government screwd up; Gun owners pay.

    I do not have a buffalo nickle to gamble but if I did I would bet it...all it takes is the rapist to see her pull the gun from her purse and they will run. They do not even know if she knows how to use it...they will run. Even if I am wrong, that is fine. Martial Arts is a great way to protect...
  10. Neophyte

    Christians and Cleavage

    Yes, we seem to be a bit off topic...my appologies... Back to Boobs! WE LOVE 'EM, SO FEEL FREE TO SHOW 'EM! Violet, don't you have your own? I wish I had a set...then again, I would probably never leave my room if I did...sorry, I am a bit drunk right now...lol!
  11. Neophyte

    Gun Rights: The government screwd up; Gun owners pay.

    Why? Do you really think this will stop violence? I can assure you it will not. Guns are pretty much illegal in Belgium yet they still have gun violence. Why? Criminals will buy gun illegally. Guns save many woman from rape each year. Why take away the best means to defend themselves? Same with...
  12. Neophyte

    Pornography. What's wrong with it?

    Practice, practice, practice! That is all it takes! Plus, we men are not opposed to that, I assure you. Also, if we were to come home find you by yourself and you were...well, anyway...
  13. Neophyte

    Pornography. What's wrong with it?

    There is nothing wrong with it. I am just glad there is plenty of free porn online because I would hate to have to pay for it!
  14. Neophyte

    Christians and Cleavage

    Science still takes faith. No matter how you look at it, it really does. Look at how many times in the past one scientist proved another scientist wrong. The first scientist had evidence, yet he was wrong. Another scientist proves the second scientist wrong, and so on. Science has been wrong...
  15. Neophyte


    Thank you to all that responded to me. It certainly was helpful .I was gone on vacation so just got back to them. Again, thanks again!