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  1. danieldemol

    Creating the Quran: A fascinating new history book on the origins of the Quran

    Creating the Quran: A fascinating new history book on the origins of the Quran 'Brand new book by Dr. Stephen Shoemaker. I have attached a link to read this book for free (pdf format) as well as a brief synopsis provided by the publisher: Creating the Qur’an presents the first systematic...
  2. firedragon

    Qur’an - Textual Criticism

    This is not such an easy subject to address in a post. Textual criticism is the study of what the original author or writer of the book actually said. It does not address if what he said was correct or not, just the assessment of text to identify what the author actually said. Qur’anic...
  3. Bethel

    Man : Tri-Part

    - Here is the basic Christian Teaching on : Tripart Genesis said that man "1st Adam" was made in "Our image". "Our image" : = "God the Father, Christ the Pre-incarnate Word, and The Holy Spirit. 1.) God the Father 2.) God the Word (Jesus pre-incarnate) 3.) God the Holy Spirit. "3'. =...
  4. danieldemol

    Science & the Quran’s philosophy, including the evolution vs. intelligent design discussion

    Saw this thread in the Islam DIR started yesterday and thought it would be more informative to have this discussion in a general area, so I have copy/pasted an extract and provided a link below; Science & the holy Qur’an’s philosophy, including the evolution vs. intelligent design discussion...
  5. firedragon

    The Gospel and the Torah, the Quran, Christian, Bahai, and other apologetics.

    In a nutshell, the Quran mentions the Gospel (Injeel), the Torah (Thaurath), and of course other scripture as well. But like a famous advertisement most of us would have these two top of mind, which probably is the reason these two are cited more often. Christian evangelists and Apologists...
  6. danieldemol

    Quran Criticism - God's word or manmade?

    Hi, Ultimately us who don't believe in the Quran don't need to provide a reason for why of course, but for as long as we are free to do so some of us will openly object to submission to the Quran due to various reasons. If that describes you, by special request from one of our RF members who...
  7. danieldemol

    Quran and marriage between Muslim women and non-Muslim men

    Is the law forbidding Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men found in the Quran? This law is a form of anticompetitive law designed to discriminate against non-Muslim men and undoubtedly belongs up there with apostasy and blasphemy laws as a form of not so subtle thought coercion in my...
  8. firedragon

    Quran and New Testament, are they the same in authorship, manuscript evidence, textual reliability?

    There are many discussions and social media shout outs about these two books and various people say various things. This thread is opened in hope of understanding certain points of view and of course some deeper analysis of the topic. There are several points taken into consideration. How...
  9. Link

    Corrupting the place of words in Quran from their place and the dark sorcery.

    Salam 3:7 shows two things come from the Quran. (1)Clear Signs. (2)Ambiguity The Quran has shown with knowledge - the believers - come to see the Quran is the truth. It has forbidden to follow ambiguity. In Suratal Haaj, it is mention with respect to the will of either Messenger or a Nabi...
  10. firedragon

    Allah - The word and the idea of monotheism in the book called "Al Qur'an"

    Allah is a conjunction of Al and Ilah. Al = the, and Ilah = God, Divinity or Deity. Thus the word Allah simply means The God or The Deity that defines monotheism in one word. It is equaling the use of the words “THE MOTHER”, because a person will have one mother. When you say “The Deity” it...
  11. firedragon

    Textual Criticism conundrum of the Qur’an

    Textual Criticism conundrum of the Qur’an Textual criticism of the Qur’an began maybe around a 1,000 years ago to the level of professional analysis and scholars like Ibn Mujahid who lived earlier in his work on the readings or recitations of the Qur’an in the 9th century is extensive in...
  12. firedragon

    Form criticism of the Qur'an

    Form criticism is an official term for Biblical criticism that was aligned with the Old Testament predominantly and has taken huge strides and evolved in to New Testament criticism as well. With the presumption that its common knowledge I would like to ask "Has anyone tried this with the...
  13. firedragon

    Why must one know Arabic to know the Qur’an? Why is language that important?

    Why must one know Arabic to know the Qur’an? Why is language that important? I am writing this to create some awareness because a lot of people misunderstand this statement that Muslims make about the language of Arabic and the Qur’an. I don’t advocate the idea that knowing Arabic is...
  14. Wolf Spirit

    Proof of Islam?

    Hello, I am interested in finding out why Muslims believe Islam is the right religion, and discussing these points. Alternatively, non-Muslims who have an idea as to why Muslims have this belief. There are almost 2 billion Muslims, so there must be a reason they believe, however I have...
  15. Ruh

    An effort to understand the Qur'an in Arabic

    Qur’an is written in Classic Arabic. To understand Qur’an more accurately there is no alternative but to understand it in its own Language, i.e., Arabic . This fact is emphasized by the Author of the Qur’an , the Almighty GOD-ALLAH in Qur’an itself: [012:002] Verily, We have sent it down as an...
  16. Ruh

    Break fast when night appears and make it when dawn appears

    [002:187] Permitted to you, on the night of the fasts, is the approach to your wives. They are your garments and ye are their garments. God knoweth what ye used to do secretly among yourselves; but He turned to you and forgave you; so now associate with them, and seek what God Hath ordained for...
  17. Ruh

    Big Bounce ( no Bang )- Qur'an says ::The fate of the universe.

    Qur’an has the following to say about the beginning of the universe: 21:30 Do not those who disbelieve see that the skies and the earth were a single entity? Then WE parted them …… So the universe started from a primordial singularity and they parted . But the verse didn’t mention how they...
  18. Ruh

    Muslims and Chrs./Jews swapped role in stoning to death.

    I don't get how ? Qur'an does not mention stoning to death as any capital punishment for any offense , while Bible implied it for a dozen of times . Sectarian Muslims endorse it in case of adultery/fornication while Christians/Jews do not do that . Muslims follow Bible and Christians/Jews follow...
  19. Ruh

    Is the GOD of Qur’an an evolutionist?

    Evolution in Qur’an I know it sounds bizarre , specially to my fellow Muslims who cultivate evolution is odd to the fundamental beliefs of Islam but I don’t get it , HOW ? As an honest reader of Qur’an, I see clearly that the Author of the Qur’an nurtured and propagated the theory of...
  20. Ruh

    Noah's flood - Can it be still superfluous ?

    NASA - Scientists Confirm Historic Massive Flood in Climate Change " Scientists from NASA and Columbia University, New York, have used computer modeling to successfully reproduce an abrupt climate change that took place 8,200 years ago. At that time, the beginning of the current warm period...